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Story Title: Lovers of the Divine Lion. Chapter Title: Perfection Stained. However, this doesn't mean I haven't thrown in my own interpretive flavor. Warnings: Well, this story is primarily centered on Bagoas and him recovering from being raped, so that will be mentioned quite a bit. Also there's the whole boyXboy homosexuality thing, but I'm not sure how a person can be homophobic and an Alexander fan at the same time, so….

Bagoas fanfiction

Bagoas fanfiction

Plays with our hearts. That was nonsense. There was only one person he wish to talk to. The king had begun again in the grey half-light of false dawn that morning and was only-the-gods-knew-where at Baglas moment, still searching for his little, Persian lover. He, then, Bagoas fanfiction Tiamat Bagoas fanfiction her body to create the Universe. Bagoas presses his lips against Hephaistion's neck and Hephaistion suppresses a shudder. Story Title: Lovers of the Divine Lion.

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I can understand why the Princess Stateira mistook him for the new king when she descended from the balcony and begged for the lives of her family Some Bagoas fanfiction my own thought about the role that Alexander played in the historical facts that concerns Bagoas:. Rating Newest Oldest. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. His general, Nabarzenes, went to swear fealty to Alexander and Free mature nude photo offer rich gifts, a beautiful boy among them. Powered by Fiction Bagoas fanfiction 2. BTW, nobody hates Bagoas, as Bagoas fans love to claim. It hurt when it was done, but that was many, many years ago. Add a comment. Renault points out that the occasion of the famous kiss Greek katefilesenimplying an intense passionate kiss was soon after the crossing of the Gedrossian Desertand all the soldiers present were survivors of that harrowing episode, together with Alexander and Bagoas. Movies Alexander. Bagoas froze in terror. I did not think to question my own actions; it was suddenly plain to me that I was, indeed, standing in the Presence. One night Hephaistion sneaks away to escape the Kari matchett naked of being ignored by his lover Alexander.

AN: This is just a little oneshot that I cooked up.

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  • They were all gathered in king Darius' tent to mourn his death after they found the king's armor left on the battlefield.
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AN: This is just a little oneshot that I cooked up. My first time writing in the fandom. I love reviews. Hephaistion is tired of all the questions, tired of the quiet mockery. Bagoas moans and arches his back against Alexander. Bagoas cannot see it, but Alexander smiles at this response. Alexander has always been a giving lover — Hephaistion has known this since their first awkward fumblings as boys. It was the reason that Hephaistion was so surprised in Alexander's continued interest in Bagoas.

Alexander's initial notice of Bagoas had not shocked Hephaistion so very much. Bagoas was a very lovely boy, after all; it was easy to see why any man would want him. Hephaistion had felt sure, however, that after a try or two, Alexander would lose interest in the Persian beauty. Bagoas was a eunuch. Dead to pleasure; at least according to Greeks who curled their lips in disdain at Persian perversions.

Hephaistion now realized that he had woefully underestimated the capabilities of eunuchs. But Alexander had always relished a challenge. Hephaistion feels a bit apart.

He caresses Bagoas' chest halfheartedly. Alexander notices and frowns. Hephaistion leans in to the beautiful face that is currently lolled against Alexander's chest and he kisses the eunuch.

Bagoas' kiss is a languid, decadent, skilled thing. Like sinking into a scented bath or biting into a sweet Persian treat. There was once a man who was stupid enough or drunk enough to say what everyone whispered to Hephaistion's face. Tell me, does our 'great king' spread you like a maiden or do you put your face in the pillow like a thirteen-year-old boy? On second thought, perhaps the man just had a death wish. At any rate, Hephaistion pummeled him nearly to death. Some men would have run the fool through with a sword.

This is the only way that Hephaistion knows to fight them; he cannot do so with words. Hephaistion draws his lips slowly away from Bagoas' soft mouth. Alexander's kiss is entirely different from Bagoas'. It is a fire to consume the world, a fire that licks swiftly down Hephaistion's body, making him come alive. Hephaistion cannot see why either of them must be 'the boy', but the Greeks simply cannot understand a relationship between two grown men of similar age without putting it into the traditional roles.

No amount of whispering would be enough to keep Hephaistion away from Alexander, but he is tired of the questioning glances, the stifled laughter all the same. He has proven himself on the battlefield countless times. Alexander is straining against Bagoas and Hephaistion wraps his arms around them both, pressing against Bagoas' body, kissing Alexander fiercely.

It's happened several times before and though word hasn't got around to everyone, Hephaistion knows that there are a few men who know that he and Alexander sometimes "share" Bagoas. Once, not so long ago, when Bagoas was doing one of the beguiling dances that Hephaistion had once so despised, he heard a voice near him. Hephaistion had turned, ready for a fight, but had found no hint of mockery in the young man's eyes; only envy.

Hephaistion had reproved the squire half-heartedly, but after turning away, had smiled to himself. Bagoas presses his lips against Hephaistion's neck and Hephaistion suppresses a shudder.

Bagoas is skilled, there is no denying it — Hephaistion thinks that he must have been taught at some point. How strange it would be — to be taught lovemaking in the way that a man is taught to use a sword or to read his letters.

He shows all his skill as he pleasures Hephaistion. Sometimes, Hephaistion is jealous of Bagoas. There is a special look that Alexander gets sometimes when he looks at the boy — a look only for Bagoas. It is a gentleness; the sort of look a man gets when he is approaching an animal that is timid, but not dangerous. Hephaistion knows that there are a score of looks that Alexander reserves for Hephaistion alone.

But Hephaistion is selfish. He wants all of Alexander for himself. Hephaistion knows he is first but he doesn't want there to be a second. They lie in a tangle of limbs. Alexander whispers softly in Bagoas ear, stroking the boy's head. He looks up and smiles at Hephaistion and Hephaistion takes his hand in the damp silk of Bagoas' hair. Still, Hephaistion has come to like Bagoas, because he knows what will happen next. He will kiss Alexander, sweetly, on the forehead. He will give Hephaistion a smile.

A sly smile? A shy smile? Perhaps there will be a flash of resentment, quickly banished, in his eyes. Bagoas will put on his robe and go into the adjoining room where he will busy himself adjusting his hair and face paints or by doing work usually left to lesser servants. Alexander will reach out and take Hephaistion in his arms and Hephaistion will have perhaps an hour alone with the fire he craves.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Alexander. Hephaistion is tired of the questions. No one questions why two men would want to share a beautiful boy. Bagoas is a gorgeous creature. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Chapter 2: Bagoas 3. But even though I marveled at such crass barbarity, I was too curious to withdraw to a secluded corner. His general, Nabarzenes, went to swear fealty to Alexander and to offer rich gifts, a beautiful boy among them. Remember Me. Search Archive Catergories :. There was little need to tell me they were close -- that much I knew in my bones. It was then Bagoas understood that the king and Hephaistion were not just close friends but lovers.

Bagoas fanfiction

Bagoas fanfiction

Bagoas fanfiction

Bagoas fanfiction

Bagoas fanfiction

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His lips were like the petals of roses as he kissed my cheek, one hand softly moving through my hair. There was no answer for these words that were spoken from the heart. I had been flattered many times in my life for my physical beauty, but one always knows when the words are a matter of form. Hephaistion was unable to hide his admiration, nor do I think he even attempted to do so. It would please him," he added. He was strong and manly, easily holding my slim body in his muscled arms.

He was one of the leaders who had fought to vanquish our army, yet he wanted to emulate me, one who was a castrate! I felt a huge emotion rise up in my breast; I reached my arms tightly around his neck and hugged him to me.

Then we rose, still embracing for several seconds. Finally we broke apart and I led him by the hand to my dressing table. I pressed him to sit on the stool that faced the table with its fine mirror of polished silver embedded in a panel of ornately carved wood.

He stared at his own face as I opened several jars and began to paint his beautiful eyes. When we were both perfectly prepared by my skills, we walked together through the hallway that led to the chamber of the king.

There were young men guarding the door who merely nodded when they saw Hephaistion move to open it. These youth stared blatantly at me; their eyes traveled up and down my body in unseemly fascination and revulsion. Inside the king was standing with his back to us, his Persian robes hanging crooked and his hair tangled.

He looked as if he had just risen from a nap! I glanced over at the huge bed that had once belonged to Darius and saw that the covers were strewn this way and that; the smooth sheets had clearly been rumpled. Had the king had another here with him, in his bed, sharing his passion?

Perhaps we were only seconds from having found him engaged in such activities! I glanced at Hephaistion, but saw that his face was serene. If the king had been with another, it clearly did not disturb his friend!

I governed my own features and stood quietly waiting. Hephaistion moved forward and laid a hand on Alexander's shoulder, not bothering to speak to announce himself as being inside the king's private rooms. The king tilted his head to one side and seemed to lean back against Hephaistion.

His face was buried in the king's hair. Then the king turned around, smiling into his friend's face. Without a word Hephaistion turned his gaze toward me. The king's eyes followed; he left Hephaistion's side and swiftly moved across the room to stand directly in front of me. I dropped my gaze and lowered my head, immediately offering obeisance to him. I did not think to question my own actions; it was suddenly plain to me that I was, indeed, standing in the Presence.

A gentle hand lifted me up and guided me to the rumpled bed. There was no subtlety in his actions, but I found it mattered little to me.

He yanked at my belt of gold, breaking one of the fragile links. He tossed it aside and began to fumble with my trousers. I found myself laughing with pleasure at his actions, though I had never done something so unseemly while I served Darius! Soon all three of us were lying sprawled naked atop the covers of the bed, our clothing discarded randomly to the floor. Suddenly Alexander grasped my face between his hands and pulled me to him, kissing me hard. I was quite shocked and wondered if my lips would be bruised by this rough use.

Then he pulled Hephaistion to him and kissed him with an equal lack of skill and tenderness. It was surely time to begin teaching this young king the ways of the bedroom. I believed that even this unpolished stone could easily be turned to a gleaming diamond! They were kneeling on the bed, embracing and pushing their mouths together forcefully.

I moved to become one with them, slipping between them on one side, turning us into a triangle of love Hephaistion pulled back, panting. He looked into my eyes and nodded, making me smile. Then he waited, watching me.

I leaned in and carefully and gently pressed my open lips to his. With deliberation I lightly touched his tongue with the very tip of my own. He pulled away, grunting in surprise, but not speaking. I persisted, this time putting my hands on either side of his face. Again he pulled away at the touch of my tongue. I glanced at him and saw that he was fully aroused by watching.

I was not surprised by his reaction, knowing as I did that he desired both of us At Hephaistion's words, Alexander moved close to me and now his hands grasped my head. He pushed his lips firmly to mine and thrust his tongue into my mouth, nearly choking me! I pulled away and finally was unable to hide my annoyance.

The tongue never comes beyond the lips. I looked and saw that he, too, was aroused. The sight of these two men in such a state quickly made me follow suit. Their hands were callused from the use of weapons and holding the reins of their horses, but they were no less pleasant on my skin for that. I found myself tracing various scars on each of them, delighting to feel the shivers these caresses created. Though we were all three enflamed, we did not go about things without some deliberation.

We were slow in exploring one another -- and even slower in moving to intimate touches. Finally I guided both men to slip under the fine Egyptian cotton sheets, sandwiching the king between Hephaistion and myself.

I ran light fingers down the strong abdominal muscles and only stopped when I encountered the thick hair of his pubis. There has been no time to tend to things such as this. What are you talking about? There was both confusion and exasperation in his tone. I trailed my fingers through the hair of his pubis, amazed by how thick it was. I had forgotten hearing these tales! Many had spoken of the immodesty of these men who would topple and run without even a loincloth to cover them Though he left a long strip of hair that ran from his navel to his What do you call this?

They both laughed and I could sense they shared some amount of embarrassment. Yet there was nothing unpleasant about the laughter, nothing mocking. Well, this hair that remained was carefully oiled and curled, much as one would curl a beard. I could see Alexander shaking his head. The light in the room was dimming as the lamps burned low.

I nodded and felt him hug me close. His stiffness was captured between our bodies and he groaned loudly. But might I touch you there?

It was natural for them to be curious They bent their heads over my groin and ran gentle fingers across the smooth skin where I had removed my own pubic hair, exclaiming with pleasure as they explored me.

It was difficult not to writhe under such excruciating pleasure, but I breathed in and out slowly, calming myself as best I could. Alexander's fingers tickled the small patch of closely cropped hair that I had artisically left behind, then he reached to softly glide over the scar below my stiffened organ.

It hurt when it was done, but that was many, many years ago. There is no pain now. I could not recall the last time someone had shown interest or worry over my castration Or must you be satisfied with the pleasure you give another? Even in the gray light of the room I could feel Hephaistion's eyes seek mine over Alexander's shoulder. We were of like mind -- it was time to take care of the man we both loved Hands were again moving; this time both Hephaistion and I focused our ministrations on the body of the king.

Alexander was sighing loudly, squirming under our touch. I turned and offered him my back, reaching to hand Hephaistion a vial of unguent. I felt fingers between my cheeks and against the swollen flesh of my anus; there was a brief tickle of a fingertip in the center of the rosebud as the fluid was spread.

I was trusting Hephaistion to manage the king during my submission. I felt pressure at the opening before Alexander thrust himself against my back, fingers reaching around to grip my shoulders. I was thankful Hephaistion had used good sense and been liberal in applying the unguent to both me and the king as I felt the deep piercing entry The king began to speak, his voice an endless litany of encouragement.

He described his physical sensations at great length as he moved inside me. I wondered if Hephaistion was behind him, guiding him with those strong hands! Or was Hephaistion merely observing -- perhaps touching himself as he watched the king take me?

I was beside myself with pleasure. I felt my orgasm building rapidly and I tried in vain to slow my labored breathing and pounding heart. I spend, too," I replied, mimicking the word he used to express his climax as I pressed back with all my might, feeling the familiar churning of my insides.

My heart soared and I burst into enthusiastic crying as the king poured his seed into me. I was shocked by myself, but unable to stop these happy tears from falling. Alexander had been cradling me in his arms, crooning wordless sympathy. But at this he turned to face his friend. I could imagine them staring at one another and wondered at the glances that must have passed between them. Clearly this was a change of direction for their physical relationship I don't know if I made a sound, but suddenly I was shifted to the middle of the two men and tightly hugged between them.

Lazy hands were still moving over my flesh. I sensed that they were continuing to tease me, as well as caressing one another. It was lovely Bagoas froze in terror. He was sure that King Alexander would execute them all, right there and then with his own hands. Then he heard unbelievable words coming out of Alexander's mouth.

Bagoas looked at the other man, but he could not read his expression, since his gaze was cast down to the floor. The queen started to plead with Alexander to have a proper funeral for king Darius, but Alexander stopped her. He broke the surprising news that king Darius was not dead, and his royal families were all under Alexander's protection.

He was not a member of Darius' family, thus he did not qualify to have Alexander's protection. As soon as Alexander and Hephaistion entered king Darius' tent, Hephaistion noticed that the young Persian boy was watching him intently. He was a little feminine in feature, but had a beautiful and exotic face, yet did not have a similarity with the rest of Darius' royal family.

Hephaistion had never met a eunuch before but he presumed that the boy was the king's companion. When the boy went pale at Alexander's statement, Hephaistion could not help but speak up.

The boy looked so vulnerable. The boy could be useful since he understands both Persian and Greek. Besides, he would be tossed around among the soldiers like a toy if you don't. Alexander recognized immediately what Hephaistion saw in Bagoas, and agreed that he could not throw this boy in the middle of the wolf pack. He told Bagoas,. You will serve as a personal servant of the king from now on. Follow Hephaistion and he will show you where to stay. Bagoas bowed, and looked up at Hephaistion.

He noticed his heart started beating faster and his cheeks flushed when he saw Hephaistion smiling at Alexander. The king's features softened immediately, and he returned a gentle smile back to Hephaistion.

It was then Bagoas understood that the king and Hephaistion were not just close friends but lovers. Other people might overlook, but nothing escaped Bagoas' observations.

Reading people's body language was another skill for survival. Although Bagoas was grateful with this arrangement, he knew his life, as king's personal slave would not be an easy one, since he was desperately falling for this beautiful king's love. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Alexander. This is my first writing. Chapter 2: Bagoas They were all gathered in king Darius' tent to mourn his death after they found the king's armor left on the battlefield.

Satisfied with this, Hephaistion continued. He told Bagoas, "Very well, Bagoas.

The Sun and The Moon by Teamane

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The further away from Macedon they travelled, the stranger everything became. And even Alexander, his constant, was not behaving the same way towards Hephaistion as he had used to.

Hephaistion observes the progression of Alexander's relationship with Bagoas through various events from The Persian Boy. A character study in five drabbles. It was a shame, especially given the dancers were so pretty tonight. Hephaestion was trying not to watch the dancing, which was harder than one might think, considering that the stupid Persian was dancing right in front of Alexander. The thing that bothered him was simply the fact that he was dancing right in front of Alexander.

During the Indian campaign and the endless rain, Alexander returns to his tent to ruminate on his Persian boy. The boy danced and was beautiful, watched in the shadows as he put Alexander to bed and offered no help, marched with them east to Baktria as the country grew warmer. He had his work, and greater concerns pressing in. And before anyone bites my head off, I actually like the movie just fine.

New fandom, Hooray! I can't vid for shit, so you will have to live with the screenshot outline. For maxium effect you need to read this in the Honest Trailers guy's voice of curse. Alexander is missing Hephaestion greatly while he is away, and reading from his favorite book doesn't seem to make him feel better. Bagoas tries to cheer him up, and Alexander gets an idea.

Crappy summary. You'll just have to read it. If you hate Bagoas, this is not the story for you. Hephaiston circled the wine in his cup, considered it thoughtfully for a moment, and then drained it in a single gulp. He was not drunk enough for this conversation.

One night Hephaistion sneaks away to escape the humiliation of being ignored by his lover Alexander. However the general is followed by his very insistent suitor Cleitus who is tired of being ignored. Roxana, queen of Babylon receives the visit of her king again in her chambers. She is not ready to see him, she does not want to know about Alexander.

But she is included in the dream of Alexander's greatness, chosen among all other women, preferred among the first of the harem. Very often Roxana is envied for her position, but she would wish to be a simple woman, not the wife of Alexander the Great.

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Bagoas fanfiction

Bagoas fanfiction

Bagoas fanfiction