Celibate interracial cuckold-Wife Long BBC Cuckold

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Celibate interracial cuckold

Celibate interracial cuckold

Celibate interracial cuckold

Celibate interracial cuckold

Celibate interracial cuckold

There was no doubt I was going back in the cage, not that I thought there would be any. She curled her finger and immediately hit a spot that made me feel a sudden urge to urinate. Amateur cickold cuckold part2 6 months ago WinPorn. You will have no need for clothing," she Vaseline for anal fissure in a very stern cucklld. Move around the entire gland for a minute and then pull your finger out, lubricate and try to find it again. You are who you are. It was after a party, not Celibate interracial cuckold wild but I Celibate interracial cuckold see a few couples use some bedrooms.

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How I Became a Chastized Cuckold by gizzard I have been married to my wife Jana for nine years and up to about two years ago we have led a pretty normal life.

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How I Became a Chastized Cuckold by gizzard I have been married to my wife Jana for nine years and up to about two years ago we have led a pretty normal life. We went to work, enjoyed each other's company, and found pleasure in each other's arms, remaining faithful to one another.

We were very happy with the arrangement, until about two years ago when things were set in motion to put us in the lifestyle we live today. I always considered myself lucky to have met and married Jana. I always thought she was out of my league but I took a chance to ask her out and was rewarded for my bravery. Her 36C breasts accented her body perfectly and her velvet pussy, with a thin strip of soft blond pubic hair, could be closely related to heaven.

So what happened to change our life forever? I guess you will have to read on to find out. Two years ago I doing some research on the internet for a paper I was writing on racial turmoil for my college thesis.

I was searching for many topics that would be confrontational enough to set a strong ground for my project. I am not racist but having some argumentative topics in the thesis made for good content to elaborate on. P titled Black Cock Property. I registered for the group and started looking around to see what it was all about. As it turned out, the content of the group was mainly focused on the right of black men to own white females, be they single or married.

I was mesmerized by the sight of white females giving themselves over to strong, dominate, black males to use however they sought fit. Some pictures clearly showed wedding rings glowing on the women's fingers. After about five minutes of browsing around I realized that I actually had an erection that intensified every time I saw a wedding ring sparkling, knowing that this was someone's wife being given over to a black man.

I found myself returning to this site and others like it, intent to include this topic in my thesis. As it turns out, the professor found the topic to be original and gave me an excellent grade for a thesis that was different from the many boring one off's he normally received. With my thesis completed I had no reason to continue accessing Black Cock Property yet I found myself returning to the site anytime I had a few moments to myself.

I also began fantasizing about Jana being one of the reparations being paid to black men and began to masturbate to the pictures and fantasies. Some of these included Cuckoldry, Chastity, Cream Pies, and husband submission. I started hiding pictures, stories, and movie files on my hard drive.

I hid different topics in different locations so that if any of the files were discovered the entire truth about my fantasy would not be known. I made up for my inability by focusing on getting better with oral sex and dedicating allot of effort to making Jana orgasm with my mouth instead. It seemed to fit my fantasy better and Jana never complained since she was getting better head than she had ever gotten.

I came home from work one day just like any normal day, but this wasn't any normal day, as I was about to find out. My life would never be the same after today. Shortly after entering the house Jana called down the stairs, "Baby, can you come up to the bedroom and help me with something?

On the bed, clad in a super sheer white teddy with thigh high stockings and garter belt, was my wife Jana with her make-up meticulously applied and an evil grin on her face that I can't ever remember seeing from her before. Seeing the shock on my face, she took control of the moment, gesturing towards a chair near the bed, "Baby, we have to talk. I want you to take off all your clothes and sit here for me. Every story I read over the past few months that focused on wives dominating their husbands seems to swim through my confused thoughts.

I know you have been hiding something from me lately and I want to bring it out in the open so we can talk it out," she began, speaking softly the ease the tension she could clearly see on my face.

Her sister was an experienced IT professional and there was little doubt she had found all of my hidden fantasy files. The other news is she found your hidden folder. I began to wonder if this was something you wanted me to do for you. Christina asked me if I wanted her to delete the files but I told her just to get rid of the virus and show me how to get back to your hidden folder.

But which one was it? Which fantasy did she know about? What dark secret of mine was she now curious about helping me to experience it? Jana let that sink in then continued, "I never realized that you had a chastity fantasy. Do you have a fantasy about being locked in a chastity belt? I see your dick getting hard, which I could take as a yes, but I want you to answer.

I have never done anything like it before. I decided I was going to be honest about my feelings on chastity; I was not, however going to reveal the deeper cuckoldry fantasies that I felt she knew nothing about yet.

I will return the favor and be honest with you. For the last three weeks I have been in a state of constant arousal thinking about locking you up in a cock cage. I looked at your pictures and read the stories you seemed to like enough to save. I have been getting myself off twice as much as you have! I wanted to learn as much about chastity and denial as I could.

Two weeks ago I ordered this," she whispered seductively as she pulled a clear, plastic CB and small brass padlock out of the box she pulled from the nightstand moments earlier. I could see she had been playing with it quite a bit. As she traced her fingers over the smooth surface, light glaring off the reflective surface showed clear evidence of many tiny finger smudges all over it. She stared at the empty cage with a look of deep wanting lust in her eyes. I assume you know what this is since you have seen pictures of men wearing them before," she inquired of me as she brought the case to her lips and kissed the dome.

I simply nodded my head, unable to find words while looking at the object that could take away my ability to orgasm without consent from someone else. My dick however had no need for words and proclaimed its feelings by standing straight up and pulsing untouched. Putting the cage back in the box she continued, "I want you to know that I am willing to try this if you feel it is something you want to explore.

I want you to go downstairs and think about this for the next hour or so. I leave this decision entirely up to you. If you decided you want me to lock up your penis and take away control of your orgasms, I want you to shave all your pubic hair, I am sure you realize why, and return to the bedroom. This is your chance to try your fantasy, and if you choose, we will discuss the specifics tonight," she finished in an authoritative voice.

She turned away from me and I took this as my cue to leave the bedroom. Even though I was forbidden to masturbate, I was sure Jana was breaking out one of her toys to use on herself. I couldn't blame her and to my surprise, I wasn't the least bit jealous. I sat down in the living room and for the first 15 minutes I felt like I was in a trance. The shock of the situation took its toll on me before I came to and started to think about my decision. I knew that if I went forward I would be making a huge sacrifice.

I always jerked off to my fantasy but if it became reality the fantasy itself would prevent me from doing just that. For every contradicting feeling I had the same answer popped up. Try it. If we don't enjoy it we can always stop and we can chop that up to another fantasy that should always remain a fantasy.

With fifteen minutes to go I had my answer and made my way towards the bathroom to remove my pubic hair. I took my time and removed every piece of hair carefully while taking every opportunity to enjoy what the feel of flesh against my hardened cock felt like. When I was left completely smooth I couldn't believe how delicate my bald scrotum felt.

When I reentered the bedroom my wife was still on the bed with her face clearly showing the glow of having had at least one orgasm. She ran her hand over my hairless genitals, "You did an outstanding job making sure you got every last hair. I take it, judging by the absence of pubic hair, you have decided to try out what is now our fantasy? She had the appearance of a giddy school girl who was just asked to the senior prom. As for ending the arrangement, I agree but it can only be ended on a release date.

If you had the ability to end it at anytime, you would never truly be chastised. If you need to wait for a release date regardless if you want to continue being my sexually frustrated, cock locked hubby, you will truly be denied.

Also, if you decide to end it there will be no returning to the fantasy. I will not let you have a period of freedom because you desire it and then want to go back to chastity.

You are either locked or you are not," she spoke adamantly. I nodded my understanding, "That all makes perfect sense to me. I agree completely. It is going to take me a little bit to size the cage correctly so you can wear it as comfortable as possible and I can't do that if you are erect like you are right now," she exclaimed, pointing at my engorged erection.

I realized that once again my cock was hard as ever without being touched. I followed her instructions and was back in the bedroom quicker than any normal person would have been, knowing that returning to the bedroom meant imprisonment of my cock.

Jana had put a silk robe on to hide her lingerie, which I was thankful for since the sight of her in her teddy alone made me want to get hard. Lay down on the bed so I can start getting you soft and we can talk while the ice does its work. It wasn't too cold at first but as time wore on I could feel the coldness saturating the towel and chilling my groin. We will inspect your dick and balls to make sure we aren't damaging anything and that evening we will lock you back up if all is well.

Each time we will increase the period of chastity until we find a nice happy period that I will dictate. Anytime between release dates that we have to unlock you, for hygiene or irritation, will be supervised by me. I do not want you cheating by sneaking a quick jerk when I am not looking. Is that understood?

She'd lie there expressionless and though I knew she hardly felt my tiny peter, I'd come in about two minutes, then shrink away soft and about an inch. My cock was rock hard but I wasnt focused I guess, idk I asked her nicely if she wanted to fuck and she turned me down twice! Her toes were very pretty, and i blew my load in about 30 seconds. Tubes Here After a minute of my beautiful blowjob, she decides this isn't the place. Ripe Mom I knew I wanted to accept being a wimp about a year into my celibacy.

Celibate interracial cuckold

Celibate interracial cuckold

Celibate interracial cuckold

Celibate interracial cuckold. Popular Cuckold by


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Celibate interracial cuckold

Celibate interracial cuckold