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Brody did it Again! Ate the crotch in my expensive Yoga pants! Learn to fix with common household items! Click Here. Your email address will not be published.

Dogs chewing through crotch

Dogs chewing through crotch

Dogs chewing through crotch

Dogs chewing through crotch

Dogs chewing through crotch

Add a comment. Bike pedal lubricant in your details below or click an icon to log in:. How do large-oes even have sex? Before I left for work this morning, I noticed that my puppy threw up some of his food, just little spots. Related Questions How to stop my dog from chewing on the crotch of my pants? Once you are consistent with reinforcing the behavior that is acceptable, the dog will eventually catch on. Dog in mourning: Helping our pets cope with loss. Throuhg weird because no matter how much she scolds this dog she just keep on doing it. Going through the clothes basket is new. What is your chewinf and training regime with your Dogs chewing through crotch

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You will break him of the habbit. Is there an essance oil used to stop dogs from chewing on clothing? But she also decided to eat my brand new dress that I got to wear once. Aster 8 responses. The friendly and inquisitive LaPerm has an easy-care coat crofch comes in a variety of colors and patterns. IF Dogs chewing through crotch are a 10 age boy get the hell off of YA you have to be 13! Because of this danger, my number-one recommendation is training — for you and the other two-legged members of your family. Existing questions. Througgh grandfather exhibits similar behavior. Just keep the dog away cyewing you clothes. The point is, dogs are attracted to waste materials and your underwear has traces of it. I would like to know why, after three years, for the dog to start doing this now. I have been doing that, Dogs chewing through crotch he figured out how to jump into the basket and how to open the door to the closet I keep the basket in.

Her habit is very costly as it seems Roxy only chooses the pretty lacey underwear or expensive bikini bottoms.

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  • Chances are, your dog will eat just about any food they can get their little paws on.

Just recently, I met up with a friend, who during the course of our conversation, told me that his dog had been eating his underwear. I think he was slightly embarrassed by the whole thing, but honestly there is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, dogs eating underwear, socks, nylons, etc. It appears that many of us have had to deal with this issue at some point in our lives.

Answers range from lack of exercise i. Dogs are notorious for eating pretty much anything they can get their teeth on. I even saw one blog post claiming their dog had eaten their Wii remote! Sounds funny right? The reality is that this can be a very serious problem. Dogs eat things for a variety of reasons.

I like to equate dogs eating underwear with their penchant for rolling in poop or rolling around in a spot where a dead animal once laid. Simply put, they like the smell. It appeals to them. It is my personal belief that dogs eat underwear and socks because they like the smell, perhaps because the item carries the scent of the owner, but maybe not. The truth is…only the dogs knows for sure. So here are some things you can do to prevent your dog from eating your underwear: 1.

Store clothes in a hamper that has a tight lid or is stored in a closet where you can shut the door. The idea is to prevent them from having access. The reality is your dog is going to find these items if given access to them. You have to be the protector of your own dog. I laughed while reading your blog. I live with 2 dogs totaling lbs and if I let them they will eat pretty much anything they want. One of them used to open the kitchen cabinets and eat all day while I was at work!

After this same dog ate the sleves off my leather coat I became dilligent about keeping things put away for their safety and my sanity. Lorraine — I laughed out loud when you said they ate the sleeves off your leather coat. How did they ever do that? I am assuming everything turned out okay on that one. I also love your description of one of your dogs just taking whatever he or she wanted out of the cabinets. I am now dying of curiosity — what kind of dogs do you have?

They sound like they are pretty big. Thank you. I thought I was the only one with a dog who had an underwear fetish. I have three dogs but only the one goes after the underwear and socks. The Hamper thing works great. And as for eating things, one of my other dogs when we first got her from a no kill shelter took it upon herself to eat my remote to my very expensive TV.

I understood she was still new to the environment so with a little time and understanding she stopped eating everything. List of things she ate: TV Remote, cell phone, shoes, socks, paper towels unused , a laser pointer, many toy action figures, several pieces of mail and the list goes on.

Not by a long shot. It still continues to get hits and I wrote it several years ago. You are definitely not alone. Holy cow! How did she survive puppyhood? I am the owner of a female Terrier who is 5 years old. We never catch her to scold her. I am scared she will have a blockage and need surgery. Plus, I am highly irritated by how much her bad habit is costing us. Just recently realized that she pulls the clothes through the holes in the hamper because she ruins clothes that were not laying around as well as ones that were.

I have never had a dog that did this before. How frustrating. Have you tried Bitter Apple? I had to use it with Jasper when he was younger because he would shred my living room rugs all of the time.

I had the same fears you did about him ingesting it. You and the girls could spray bitter apple on your underclothes before throwing them in the hamper. He one day all of a sudden stopped.

Fast forward 6 years, we have another dog and what happens? He just recently started exhibiting this behavior again starting tonight.

Nothing was solved. But… not having access takes away the concern that the dog might choke, get a blockage, etc. She just needs a little help from me to keep her safe. She just started doing this to my underwear. I just bought those boxer briefs. Apparently for the little spoiled thing, being on the floor two feet away is to far for her. How frustrating and how scary Emily.

I have known several dogs who have lost their life after eating pantyhose and underwear. It was something I worried about with my Lab because I have heard so many stories. I feel lucky she does not do that. At least you know what top do to address it — barriers and managing what he has access to for now. I hope he outgrows it with time.

Good luck! Very, very frustrated with my dog right now. I had been sorting laundry and had a basket on my bed waiting for the washer to be done. Took the kids to school and come home to find that my dog, once again as gotten into the laundry and destroyed another pair of panties with few other pairs out of the hamper on my bed. She is no where to be found. I found her hiding outside at the corner of the yard. She nows she will get in trouble and yet she still does it. My dog does. She just got herself permanently kicked out of the house.

I deleted my first response because to be honest, your comment made me angry. But I can hear your frustration in your words and I know you were probably just blowing off steam.

The reality is many dogs will eat the underwear of the person they love because it has their scent on it. It may not always be the case, but if often is one of the reasons. The fact that she ate your underwear tells me she likes the smell. It appeals to her because she likes it. She likes you. The only real solution is to either 1 keep laundry out of reach unless you are there, or 2 keep her in a confined area in the house when you are doing laundry. Dogs are not vindictive, they do what feels good like us , and because they have a stronger sense of smell than us they often go for what smells good e.

It concerns me that she was already hiding when you got home. And, it concerns me that you would consider leaving her outside permanently because you are angry at her.

Craigslist would be a death sentence as would a shelter. Oh boy, can I ever relate to this. Just lost another 2 pair tonight. The ONLY reason this dog has not been given away is because my kids would hate me. She is not even 10 inches tall. I got a hamper for bedroom and bathroom that is about 3 feet tall that has no holes.

But she still manages to knock it over while we are sleeping and chews up every single pair. Idk what else to do?? I have a new dog my son brought him to me.. My Tibetan is going to be 10 this year.

She started with my underwear.

Because of this danger, my number-one recommendation is training — for you and the other two-legged members of your family. Hlep why my dog no move? My female spayed Jack Russell does this to my wifes panties. The point is, dogs are attracted to waste materials and your underwear has traces of it. Why is my dog is chewing the crotch of my underwear? Not sure about food puzzles?

Dogs chewing through crotch

Dogs chewing through crotch

Dogs chewing through crotch

Dogs chewing through crotch

Dogs chewing through crotch

Dogs chewing through crotch. Do you have any current challenges in your relationship with your dog?

If she is home alone all day, she is going to get destructive. Long walks would help wear down that hyper energy. Good luck. Source s : Same thing happened to a friend from school years ago. Keep your clothes in your room, and keep the door closed. Have your room be off limits to the dog.

She's doing this because that area of your clothing smells bad and she likes that. This is definitely a hygiene issue. Existing questions. Related Questions How to stop my dog from chewing on the crotch of my pants? How do I get my dog to stop chewing holes in my underware and crotch in my pants? Why does my Bengal cat chew the crotch of my fiances underwear as well as various pants and shorts? My dog just ate the crotch out of my panties! Is there an essance oil used to stop dogs from chewing on clothing?

How can I force my dog to learn how to dab? Dog died recently, should I get a new one? Have you known a dog to die from eating chocolate? My daughter constantly beats our small dog? Is my dog ok? Hlep why my dog no move? Do dogs like the taste of antifreeze?

How do you know how much to feed a dog, general guide line would be nice? Sounds like a real horndog. You need to put chinese hot mustard and raw shrimp in pair. You will break him of the habbit. Say what??? I have never heard of this before. And it seems to be common. Is there a certain breed of dog that is attracted to panties? Must be some kinda new-fangled designer dog. Are the jean and panties designer brands?

Our dog does that. Not to be gross or anything, but they like the smell. But dogs also like to eat poop, snotty kleenexes and puke. They just like gross stuff. You might want to try that with your hamper. My grandfather exhibits similar behavior. Fortunately, he is toothless so he just gums the crotches of the soiled panties. My dog wants anything and everything to do with feet.

We have to keep our socks and shoes up out of reach and put away! I sympathize with you. I used to have dogs but they were female and never did anything like that. Yep, my dog loves the crotches in panties too.

Ewww, apologies for being too disgusting but sometimes I have taken off underwear on the bathroom floor he sits on the bathroom floor while I shower and heard him licking with such intensity. Seriously gross — the wetter the better!

I guess she never had a chance since I keep my underwear out of her reach. But my bf TRIED to do laundry but ended up just leaving all the dirty clothes on the floor and she ate the crotch out of two of my panties that I found so far. But she also decided to eat my brand new dress that I got to wear once. So frustrating. My female spayed Jack Russell does this to my wifes panties. I can not stand it. Best bet is to just keep it out of reach. I would like to know why, after three years, for the dog to start doing this now.

I take care of the dog well, eats good and has her treats, could anybody help me? Because I took this puppy from in front of Publix from a person that couldnt take care of her. But I cannot come home from work and have to clean house because of the dog. This question is in the General Section. Responses must be helpful and on-topic. To join, you must be at least 13 years old and agree to the terms and conditions. General Question. Why does my dog chew the crotches out of my panties and pants Add Topic 1, questions people.

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I love dogs, but dogs are pigs!! My old dog did the same thing. I don't think there is really anything you can do except pick up you clothes off the floor and leave them in a hamper until you wash them. Like I said, dogs are pigs!!!

LOL that's what we have done Its horrible and a new habit. Did you punish your dog? Did anything help stop it? I don't get why she is only doing this to me and my teenager! I thank my lucky stars that our dog only has a taste for DH's socks. Not mine, just his, only the dog knows why. We started keeping our hampers in closets. Unfortunately some dogs have a "taste" for things like that. Nasty but true. We had a dog that would go through the waste basket meant for use feminine products and would eat them.

Your best chance of getting that to stop is to get the stuff right into the laundry, or locked away where your dog can't get it i. We had a laundry chute that went to the basement so we didn't have to lock the hamoers or anything!!! As gross as this is, I think the dogs are attracted to our smells and discharge in the underwear. We never did punish the dog for doing this because we never caught him in the act. It is useless to punish him when it is over an done with.

If you do catch him in the act It may help. What kid of dog do you have?? I had a little dog before We now have a chocolate lab. The worst we worry about is him eating goose crap by the lake!!!

My mom's dog does the samething. And, It seems like he likes expensive under clouthes. He is just too cute. One of my dogs would lick female underwear We started closing the bedroom's doors and not letting them in the rooms.

After a while we just forgot about it and they stopped doing Like the other poster said, I think it is the smell of the discharge that they like. So maybe try a tall hamper or try putting it in the closet if you can't keep him out of your room My female does the same thing. Just add socks to the list. I have to keep the clothes up off the floor where she cant reach or close the bathroom door.

I cant for the life of me figure out why she does it. I've seen a hamper with a lid once. Maybe this might be the option for you if your dog won't kick the habit. My cat tends to steal my socks. He actually is able to open the sock drawer and take them out and spread them around the house.

One time I found his "stash" under the bed. There were 7 pairs under there! Oh well, at least he doesn't steal my underwear. We would have a problem then : As far as the feminine product eating goes, my girlfriend has a little pug and she is constantly having issues with her going in the garbages and eating used tampons, etc.

It's pretty gross. She also told me once that her pug ate her vibrator because she was spending too much time with it. It's weird because no matter how much she scolds this dog she just keep on doing it. She doesn't seem to care how much trouble she gets into for it, she'll do it again and again. If you figure out something that works let me know so I can tell her, lol! Oh my gosh. My dog needs to go to crotch-eater's anonymous. So you're not alone. I got it from www. I wish I had some advice for you, but I don't, I have the same problem.

My beagle does the same thing I've taken to just being extra careful where I leave things although I always forget every once in ahwile. Do your hampers have lids? If they do you can set a book or something heavy on them too help deter the pup. Good luck! LoL, You guys crack me up. My dogs will tear up clothes too but usually it's my pants and scrub tops that are the targets because as a dog trainer I ALWAYS have dog treats or treat crumbs in them. So now the hamper lives in my closest and the door is closed all the time.

I cannot afford to replace my work clothes all the time. Best thing you can do is to put the laundry out of reach and make sure your dog is never unattended with it. My dogs aren't allowed in our bedroom without my husband or I. The are not allowed in any of the other bedrooms either on their own. If I am doing some like cooking dinner and cannot watch them they have to go in their "houses" which is what I call their kennels.

I have to be careful with one of the poodles because she is still a puppy If you can catch your dog in the act you can take the "toy" away but you'd be wise not to make a big deal out of it, no yelling or getting really upset. If you do you'll teach the dog not that he shouldn't chew on your undies but that you are unpredictable. They don't think like humans do, they do not understand certain emotional responses such as spite.

You don't won't ever do anything to spite you though I have lost count of the hundreds of clients I have had who swear to me that they do. I don't argue with them, I point out that I'm the certified expert and leave it at that. What you can do is to try and redirect the behavior, which is likely boredom related in a lot of cases, onto another object that IS ok for the dog to chew on. It feels a bit weird for some people because they feel like they are rewarding their dog for getting into the laundry but again thats a human thought process not a dog one.

It's really a good idea with pets, just as it is with children, to focus on what you DO want them to do rather than constantly telling them what you don't want. I have been amazing angry from time to time to find my dog with something I don't approve of as a toy but I always offer her a trade. Im going to take that away from you drop it, Leave it or hey hand that to me would you thankyou and you can have this toy instead get it.

Make sense? Probably not and for that I'm sorry. Its been a long day and I'm likely not explaining things very well. Would have been easier to answer 1 on 1. I'm off I have some peppermint Ice cream calling my name.

This is a totally new behavior which is what baffles me. Didn't think of pantiliners. I actually didn't consider that at all considering this seemed to have started when my oldest had her monthly visitor the dog ate the underwear AND the pants that got leaked on! I didn't figure she'd be after mine since of course I don't have a monthly visitor. Still damn brave imo. Mine is about gone if I had a belly ring the only way it would've worked at this point is if it was a bottom pierced one lol.

February Babies. Archived Discussion This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on February Babies. I Pant and Underwear Eating Dog?! ImmortalOne wrote: My dog in the last months just started this horrible habit.

At first it was my oldest daughter who was the victim. I am the victim! There is nothing like picking up a pair of panties or pants and realizing there is a whole the size of two of my fists right in the crotch!

Dogs chewing through crotch