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They are Master Shake, the ill-tempered and cynical leader, Frylock, the intelligent and calm one who gets all the work done, and Meatwad, the dim-witted yet lovable comedic foil. Together, they try to thwart villains whom all seem to be some sort of annoying. Oh yes, they are pieces of food. Try to whitelist our email address noreply sharetv. Also Watch Robot Chicken.

Frylock gets a sex change

The violence is about as bad as season 3's, but the sex is like season 7's. A group of anthropomorphic theater snacks, The Soda Dog Refreshment Band, sings a spoof of Let's All Go to the Lobby until they are interrupted by another snack band performed by Mastodon. When a vengeful angel makes him pay for his misdeeds, Shake looks to the forces of darkness for help. Adult Swim. Report this ssex. Categories :. The Chinese rice fail chaange find Carl at his house either; Frylock gets a sex change eventually give up and report this to Mr. Shake and Meatwad Cause cure for low sex drive investigate the DMV, after a particular driving instructor draws suspicion. That brings us to the next pairing His plan was so that they would all eventually kill each other and Walter would inherit all their real Frtlock in order to create the "Insano-Gym".

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Hilariously enough, the writer is a trans man that wrote it before he identified as such. This is not addressed in either the movie or the manga; in the movie, Dilandau is biologically male the entire time, and in the manga, the character is female and stays Frylock gets a sex change way the whole time. Frylock is a living box of french fries. Parents say 31 Kids say In Formerly Frylock gets a sex change as Harry Potter? In this setting, sex changes, while expensive, are still easy and commonplace. There's no lessons, someone usually dies and is alive the next episode, crude sex, rape humor, toilet humor, slapstick, violence such as Ftw webcam, and strange stuff. He always has, and he thinks that makes him a transsexual. The Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager has it even easier in " Renaissance Man " when the situation requires him to impersonate a pregnant Lieutenant Torres: Peanut rubber stamps the computer to change him into her and then adjust parameters to simulate her pregnancy as well. When I was a tween I use to watch this show a lot!

Frylock starts acting very strangely when he falls in love with a computer repair woman who doesn't return his affections.

  • In Real Life , gender reassignment for a Transgender person is a lengthy process involving extensive hormone and psychological therapy.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force , also known by various alternative titles , —15 is an animated television series from the Cartoon Network 's Adult Swim programming block.

The film was written and directed by the show's creators, Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis. The film was theatrically released on April 13, The film marks the first time an Adult Swim series was adapted into a feature film.

Before the main feature, a faux theater concession stand advertisement plays. A group of anthropomorphic theater snacks, The Soda Dog Refreshment Band, sings a spoof of Let's All Go to the Lobby until they are interrupted by another snack band performed by Mastodon. They proceed to loudly sing their own bizarre theater rules before finishing on a guitar solo. The film properly begins in Egypt , where Master Shake , Frylock , and Meatwad break free from the Sphinx , and are attacked by an oversized Poodle who kills Frylock before Shake defeats it.

Shake and Meatwad flee with Frylock's corpse and meet Time Lincoln. He helps revive Frylock; however, when government agents break into his house, Time Lincoln helps the Aqua Teens escape in a wooden rocket ship. Time Lincoln is shot, changing the timeline and resulting in the Confederate States of America's victory in the American Civil War and the government agents being made slaves to a black Kentucky Colonel as punishment for their crimes against the South.

All this, however, is an elaborate story concocted by Shake to explain their origin to Meatwad. A triangular slice of watermelon named Walter Melon is flying about in a spaceship made from a hollowed-out watermelon. He begins observing events of the Aqua Teens on Earth, including a backyard concert performed by Meatwad. All unfolding according to his plan. Walter Melon is joined in the ship by Neil Peart from Rush , sitting at his drums.

Shake plans to work out on his new exercise machine, the "Insanoflex". Frylock notices that the machine isn't assembled properly and the instructions are nowhere to be found. He searches online for them and instead finds a website written in a rare dialect, with a message in English warning not to assemble the machine ever.

The site however lists a phone number which Frylock calls. It is revealed to be the number of Emory and Oglethorpe, the Plutonians. Before they even bother to answer the phone, they discover the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future on board with them.

The Cybernetic Ghost explains to the two aliens the story of the Insanoflex: a machine, when assembled, will exercise a man into a super-being, who will attract all the women on Earth leading to massive inbreeding and the eventual extinction of mankind.

To prevent this, the Ghost traveled to the past and stole a single screw that holds the machine together. The Plutonians point out to him that to get it assembled, someone could just buy another screw or shove a pencil in the screw hole. Back on Earth, Frylock finishes re-building the Insanoflex, with a pencil in the screw hole, somehow having obtained instructions. He discovers a missing M-shaped circuit board on the back panel.

The trio visit Carl , from whom Shake had stolen the machine, to see if he has the missing piece. After he refuses to tell them, Meatwad finds the address in the Insanoflex's box. Weird, whose abandoned asylum has been purchased and is being turned into condominiums around them, is visited by Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad. Frylock retrieves the missing circuit board and installs it into the machine upon returning home.

Carl insists that as the rightful owner he should be the first to test out the machine. The Insanoflex straps him in and transforms itself into a giant one-eyed robot. Eventually, the robot begins laying metallic spherical eggs, which hatch into smaller versions of the machine.

The Aqua Teens, aided by an instructional workout video, find a way to destroy the machine by using music. With little time and a failed encounter with MC Pee Pants reincarnated as a fly , the Aqua Teens have no choice but to have Shake play his music.

Shake poorly plays his original song "Nude Love" on acoustic guitar, forcing the Insanoflex to commit suicide. Carl now bulging with so much muscle that he can barely move leaves with his newly found date, a female bodybuilder named Linda, and they head back to her condo while the Aqua Teens try to figure out a way to stop the newly hatched Insanoflexes from destroying the city.

As they travel to a possible lead back at Dr. Weird's asylum, Frylock begins to tell the origin story of the Aqua Teens: they were created by Dr.

Weird, along with a chicken nugget who had gone by the name of Chicken Bittle. In the flashback, Dr. Weird proclaims that the Aqua Teens were created for one purpose: to crash a jet into a brick wall. Realizing the pointlessness of this mission, Frylock diverted the jet and set a course to Africa, where they would try to use their intelligence to solve world hunger. Upon entering Africa, Bittle was attacked and eaten by a lion. The remaining Aqua Teens then tried to help a small village but instead scared them away.

After realizing they couldn't be much help, they returned to America and rented out what is now their house in New Jersey. Shake and Meatwad state that they do not remember any of this, but Frylock explains it was because they were too busy playing Game Boy to pay any attention.

Meanwhile, Carl and Linda recline in her room, where she reveals "herself" to be Dr. Weird in disguise.

He cuts off Carl's muscles and grafts them onto his own body. Frylock and Dr. Weird do battle while they argue back and forth about who created whom. Weird claims that it was Frylock who created him, not the other way around. Dr Weird shows Frylock a teddy bear filled with razor blades. Shake tries to take the teddy bear, but he loses his hand. Weird then reveals that the blue diamond on Frylock's back hides a VCR , in which a video tape with false memories of Dr. Weird creating Frylock had been playing in Frylock's head.

Frylock also admits that he is transsexual lesbian trapped in a man's body. Just then, Walter Melon arrives in his ship.

Meatwad mentions he saw the ship earlier. Shake calls him a liar and shoots him with a shotgun. Shake gets concerned when Meatwad doesn't reform like always.

Meanwhile, Shake tries to pick up the teddy bear for the 2nd time, but loses his other hand. Shake forgets about his hands and leaves it. Walter Melon explains he created the Aqua Teens and all the other characters, including the Insanoflex.

His plan was so that they would all eventually kill each other and Walter would inherit all their real estate in order to create the "Insano-Gym". Everyone, however, informs Walter that they all rent and do not own any property, proving Walter's plan and everyone's existence had been useless and pointless. Walter storms off in his ship, threatening to tell their mother. Just then, the Teens see their alleged mother standing before them, revealed to be a 9-layer bean burrito.

Shake unknowingly jumps out the window, Meatwad hugs her and Frylock states, "That's neat. Then a female box of fries presumably Frylock who got a sex change comes in and says, "Time for bed, honey Heavy metal band Mastodon stated in a Decibel article that they would be performing during the opening, and that the band would be animated as a bucket of popcorn, a soda, a hot dog, and a candy bar.

They were actually animated as a pretzel, a pile of nachos, an "Icecaps" box, and a gumdrop. Regarding the film's rating, Maiellaro commented that "I think if [the movie is rated] R , it won't get the audience that watches it.

But we don't know yet. We're still waiting to find out. Censoring also occurs once during a flashback. As explained in the production feature, the inconsistency was an editing mistake, but left untouched for comic effect.

It features many previously unreleased songs, some recorded for the purpose of this album. The album features mix of musical styles ranging from heavy metal, indie rock, and hip-hop; and also features new, original music from Mastodon , Killer Mike and Unearth. Noticeably missing is " In the Air Tonight " by Phil Collins , which is prominently featured at the end of the film.

Note: Carey Means Frylock is absent from the skits, sound bites, and hidden tracks where the other Aqua Teens can be heard. Regardless, Carey Means still portrays Frylock in the film. On January 31, , police in Boston, Massachusetts received reports of devices resembling bombs in various places around the city.

The devices turned out to be electronic signs similar to a Lite-Brite that displayed images of the Mooninites Ignignokt and Err giving the finger , and were designed to promote the Aqua Teen Hunger Force television show as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign authorized by Cartoon Network , the cartoon's parent company.

The boards were present in several cities for weeks before the ones in Boston were reported. The Boston City Government sought a reimbursement for the money spent responding to the incident. An episode from season five , entitled "Boston", was produced as the series creators' response to the scare, but Adult Swim pulled it to avoid further controversy surrounding the events of the bomb scare.

Adult Swim began running advertisements on March 25, , advertising the television premiere of the movie the following Sunday, April 1, Its only reasoning behind this stunt, as stated in the advertisement, was, "because we're fucking crazy". The stunt was, in actuality, yet another one of Adult Swim's annual April Fools' pranks: though the first few minutes of the movie were shown normally, the remainder was shown in a small picture-in-picture box in the bottom left-hand corner, with no sound over the normal programming and occasional giant pop-ups alerting viewers of its presence, as well as advertising the actual premiere.

The advertising was shown again on one episode of the Family Guy marathon on July 6, The movie eventually was shown on Sunday, March 30, The day after the April Fools' joke, Cartoon Network showed another bumper , stating: "Sorry you will still have to pay to actually see the movie. But thanks for the ratings!

In yet another promotional stunt, the "ending" to the movie was posted in various places including YouTube, KingColon. These endings, now called the "fake. These endings are parodies of other films. The DVD features include the ten fake endings as shown on the internet, a "making of" featurette, promos, the "Deleted Scenes" episode, a music video, and an eighty-minute animatic rough cut of the movie made out of the deleted scenes from the film and scenes from the "Deleted Scenes" episode as well as a commentary.

Adult Written by Guy dude October 4, The book Trans-Sister Radio has Dana MtF , a college professor, get his entire surgery done to become a her over the summer so that she can come back in the fall as female. The act is never shown full on, and the dogs isn't very realistic, but the idea is very absurd. Thanks for reading the review, I hope this helps you decide. They are quick beams of energy released from his eyes, and they are powerful enough to take down many of the Aqua Teen's enemies. With tongue firmly in cheek, one of the fake radio ads in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas advertises this sort of thing.

Frylock gets a sex change

Frylock gets a sex change

Frylock gets a sex change

Frylock gets a sex change

Frylock gets a sex change. Navigation menu

Note that one is supposed to live as the other gender for a year before surgery even gets done, which Dana doesn't do. The author seems to have sped up the process for drama, especially since Dana's girlfriend is a public school teacher and thus everyone in town objects to them.

At one point in the book this trope is played straight, as a doctor discusses another MtF sex change that he didn't perform where the man's wife decided she was a lesbian so he had a sex change to stay with her, only to be then dumped because the wife decided she wasn't a lesbian after all. In this setting, sex changes, while expensive, are still easy and commonplace.

Also quite effective, though not quite to the point of being a true Gender Bender treatment. Attractive Bent Gender is the norm, not the exception. Live Action TV [ edit hide ] Invoked in an episode of The Love Boat where a woman assumes that a man on the cruise is traveling for a sex change operation because he has a dress in his room among other misunderstandings because obviously he would be traveling and living as a man right up until he gets the operation and jumps into womanhood all at once.

Wonder Showzen : Mother Nature cuts off her own lady parts with a knife, then puts them in a bucket. She dies as a result of attempting surgery on herself. Then another puppet has sex with the bucket of bloody lady parts.

It's just that kind of show. Even assuming that Troy is an unscrupulous and unethical doctor, sexual reassignment surgery still doesn't work that way. The Psych episode "Who Ya Gonna Call" had a man with three alternate personalities: a woman who wanted to have SRS, a confused normal guy, and a psychopath who had murdered the doctor to prevent his imminent surgery, although he wasn't taking hormones or undergoing any other precursors to SRS.

Somewhat averted in that there was a psychologist involved, but the SRS process as presented was heavily compressed. Unless the psychopath character overreacted to the mere mention of SRS. Averted in CSI in one episode, where they investigate the death of a woman and discover that she is a transwoman in the midst of transitioning to female, and has not yet had any genital surgery.

In an early story arc, Jodie Billy Crystal decides to have a sex change to please his boyfriend. Despite no real life experience aside from a bit of crossdressing , no hormonal therapy, no psych evaluation, still looking like what he is a man , he gets admitted to a hospital to have his outie turned into an innie, and they're apparently quite willing to do it.

Of course, he does not go through with it. Eventually, it turns out that Louis has had surgery to become "Lois". The timeline is a little vague, but certainly not enough time has elapsed for the requirements of ethical SRS medical treatment.

While easy, the surgery is also thorough Lois specifically mentions that she no longer has a penis, and that she "doesn't miss it" , and quite successful. While Louis is played by a male actor, Lois is played by Alexandra Billings, an Attractive Bent Gender female actress—albeit one who once was a male herself. Degrassi has set themselves up to sidestep this whole part of the issue by putting Adam in Grade 11 at age fifteen , meaning he's on schedule to graduate from High School and therefore the show before he turns 18 and can begin physical transitioning.

They do have a history of retcons to keep popular characters around longer, however That was fast. Recently addressed and averted in an episode of Private Practice , where a patient is told that their procedure will have to be delayed because Sheldon suspects that although the desire for the operation is genuine, there are psychological issues that need to be addressed to ensure everything goes smoothly. He turns out to be right when the patient attempts suicide upon being given this news, and offers to help them get through these issues so she can complete the process of becoming a woman.

In the much-derided Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Profit and Lace", Quark is forced to pretend to be a woman and conduct a meeting with an important Ferengi businessman on the subject of women's rights on Ferenginar while his mother is out of commission. Apparently, 24th-Century technology allows them to perform a complete sex change operation on him in just a few hours, and then change him back to a man the following day presumably they kept his In the Torchwood episode "Greeks Bearing Gifts", Jack claims that he started paying closer attention to his co-workers after a male colleague began "acting strange" right before going on several weeks leave and returning as a woman named Vanessa.

Since Jack only mentions this in passing, it's possible that sex changes are handled differently in the 51st century , and it's always possible that Jack is just that oblivious. Horribly averted in one episode of Law and Order SVU , where the perp is a transwoman who appears completely female due to hormone treatments but has not had genital reassignment surgery yet, and who killed her boyfriend's best friend because he found out about her transitory gender.

Because she's physically male, the judge order her hormone treatments be stopped and she is placed in a men's prison, where she is brutally beaten and raped by the other inmates. Then she decided to get changed back, and somehow became the half-spider Biomonster DNA in the process.

Japanese wrestling is weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird. Video Games [ edit hide ] Adventure in The Sleazy Back Alley of Kingdom of Loathing , and you may run into a clinic where you can get a sex change for Meat and 1 Adventure, and be on your way the same day. Do it often enough, and you become eligible for a trophy.

What's the meat for? You don't want to know. And not only is is cheap, it's instantaneous! You can also go from white to black, or black to Hispanic, or white to Asian, skinny as a nail to morbidly obese, or just about anything else you can think of. With tongue firmly in cheek, one of the fake radio ads in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas advertises this sort of thing. In BioShock series it is stated in an audio log by Dr. Steinman that Adam makes this easy, among other such things as race.

Web Comics [ edit hide ] Averted and pointed out in Khaos Komix , and the author would know, from personal experience. Though the pre-transition was unusually easy, and they pass very well. Ditto for Venus Envy also by a real life transsexual.

Though Zoe has been on hormone treatment for months she has yet to develop any substantial breasts, and wears a padded bra instead. Plus the rest of her "equipment" is still intact, which occasionally causes problems In fact back when there were jokes , the common gag was for Zoe to be hit with a ball in her new developments and her original equipment , reacting to both with realistic and comedic levels of pain.

Comes up a lot, sometimes subverted, sometimes played straight, in Unicorn Jelly and other works by Jennifer Diane Reitz. Interesting to note that the author, a transsexual herself, might actually qualify to an extent.

She admits to having dealt with emotional and psychological problems her whole life and had to be somewhat less than truthful about this during the pre-treatment screening in order to avoid being turned down, though incorrect use of reassignment surgery due to deliberate subterfuge on the patient's part may be beyond the scope of this trope. Mentioned this on the discussion page, but the environment surrounding transsexuality and the associated medical procedures in the early s was very very misogynistic.

In order to acquire permission to receive hormones and surgery, the patient had to present a particular history - that they always felt like a woman inside, that they were attracted to men but currently sexually inactive due to not seeing themselves as gay, a number of other criteria intended to weed out lesbians, people with "masculine" and normally well-paying careers, people who were not perfectly "passable" and any other kind of person who did not perfectly portray the male-dominated gatekeeper community's collective image of what a woman should be.

Transsexuals, of course, quickly learned what they were supposed to say and how they were supposed to act. Bending the truth to satisfy the decidedly un-PC standards of the 20th century medical establishment is one thing. Reitz's issues on the other hand Even now and possibly reflecting a shift too far in the right direction , the NHS won't even entertain a transman who likes men. It might help that the writer is transgendered. Ballerina Mafia has a sex change performed overnight as an April fools joke.

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Frylock starts acting very strangely when he falls in love with a computer repair woman who doesn't return his affections. He builds fake legs and hair for himself, and he continually invites her over to fix his computer, which he keeps unplugging. When he says, "Give me a hug," she quickly leaves. Meatwad says, "She's just not that into you. Frylock follows her to a restaurant. Her boyfriend Ray tells her, "Your mouth's good for one thing: Explaining.

If old Freedom Fries doesn't understand, then he's just not listening. Frylock accidentally reveals to them that he has recorded their conversations secretly. Ray breaks off a chair leg and challenges him to a fight, and Frylock easily kills him with his Ray , blowing his body into small pieces.

The repair woman is horrified and disgusted, calling Frylock an animal and fleeing the scene. Frylock tries to give chase, but his legs malfunction and he finally decides to abandon the whole plan along with his legs when he hears police sirens approaching, scooping up Ray's remains and taking them with him. He returns to the Aqua Teen house dragging a bloody garbage bag full of Ray's remains and announcing "Turn off all the lights and lock the doors"; Meatwad innocently inquires how his date went, as if the answer wasn't obvious.

In short order a policeman played and voiced by George Lowe shows up at the door with several other officers and a police composite sketch of Frylock, demanding that Meatwad go get him so they can arrest him. But Meatwad unintentionally stalls by repeatedly asking the cop stupid questions and forgetting about Frylock, who is busy fusing Ray's severed body parts to himself in his room.

Even the threat of a search warrant and charging Meatwad with harboring a fugitive doesn't improve his memory; he eventually inquires whether the spray can on George the cop's belt is deodorant and he gets a sarcastic answer and a face full of pepper spray for his trouble, which is when Frylock finally emerges from his room, completely transformed into a horribly disfigured, Frankenstein's monster version of Ray cobbled together from his destroyed body parts.

An oversized cowboy hat covers the missing top of Ray's skull. Although George the cop notes that he looks like the guy whose murder they're investigating, he evidently is fooled and goes away.

Frylock meets the repair woman in the Flower Field, where she is shocked but pleased to see "Ray" alive. He accidentally breaks Ray's decomposing leg off trying to propose to her and falls and is unable to get up. Birds begin eating Ray's brain, and she suddenly admits that she has sex with animals now. Frylock is undaunted, saying it's probably his fault and they'll get counseling. She also explains that she's a CHUD, and that she transforms when she's exposed to sunlight.

Frylock suggests that they live underground, but she says that she can't as it would directly impact her CHUD-like qualities. Frylock doesn't understand which makes her angry and she begins shrieking about how he never listens, and Frylock flees. Frylock tells Shake and Meatwad that he's single again, and Shake looks for her in the sewer. She grabs him by the head and kills him in an explosion of blood. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Frylock gets a sex change

Frylock gets a sex change

Frylock gets a sex change