Large gauge nipple piercing-mm (0 Gauge) Nipple Piercing Body Jewellery

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Large gauge nipple piercing

Large gauge nipple piercing

Though earlier in my career, rings were the standard option, so I know they can be used to successfully heal nipple piercings. Anyone thinking of being pierced by Elayne should do it! Discussion Board. Toggle navigation. Every human body really is unique, which is one of the reasons you must seek an expert to perform piercings of this region.

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Saddle marble tunnel, 6 ga. Comments 17 Spam comments 0. Acrylic wave plug, 2 ga. JavaScript is required for this website. Male piercing. A 12g navel piercing is ideal for preventing migration, which is nipole common symptom of navel piercing rejection. To watch the video you need to piiercing Javascript in your browser. Bookmark Piercings Body. Steel Pendants. Cheek piercing. Acrylic rainbow tunnel, 6 ga. Pinna piercing. Percing offer you large gauge plugs and taperslarge gauge captive bead rings and tunnels, large gauge curved barbells and tusks of various gauge sizes and designs. Experiences are written and reviewed by the general public and have not generally been edited by BME staff in any way, and are Large gauge nipple piercing the opinion of the Fatigue and pregnancy. Single flared marble tunnel, 0 ga.

Modern piercing enthusiasts—particularly in the gay and SM subcultures—explored the erotic potential of their bodies and started what has become the current style of nipple piercing.

  • Large gauge jewelry is worn in stretched piercings or in the middle sized piercings that one is going to stretch.
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  • Body jewelry comes in all varieties.

Please type a name. Please type a valid email address. Please type a question. Toggle navigation. Female First Forum Skip to content. Quick links. I like to but my nippels to small. Sorry I only have one in each ear, I don't know that I fancy going further. I breastfed both Daughters and as my husband is an active breast man he kept the milk going for 10 years until he had to work abroad so my nipples didn't shrink back down. He is really a nipple man and sucks and plays with them whenever he gets the chance so they are always being stimulated and stretched, I have had 6 rings in my nipples since and the current heavier set since As these never come out they cant without heavy tools I cant weigh them but in answer to Tedswife have tried to compare them with some smaller rings and guess they are about 4 ounces in each nipple.

I could easily fit in at least another 4 rings each side in between the 5 that are already there. In a nutshell I have been able to have 12 piercings in my nipples only because they are stretched and long. I cant even begin to remember what they were like 30 years ago.

I had my nipples pierced at 16 and once they were healed I began stretching and gradually adding extra rings. I wear large gauge solid gold rings in all the holes so I also have quite a considerable weight in each nipple and yes mine point floorwards too. My rings are fixed closed and there is something very exciting in having rings through my flesh which are permanently there and can't be removed.

I also have lots of ear piercings and other places but my nipple rings are my favourites. Updating you all. My husband passed away over a year ago and his insurance paid up well, I decided to have some new rings for my birthday so you see i'm now wearinng6 new rings in my existing nipple holes, i now wear all four gauge rings in each nipple they are 90MM 80MM 70MM 60MM50MM and 40MM and you see each one is solid gold and i had some new ones put in too in between the others, the new rings in between the old ones are all solid gold too and 35MM 10 guage so you see now i have 11 rings in each nipple.

Thank you for showing an interest in my piercings. My brother in law likes to make love to me through my labia piercings which I wear lots of rings in all of the time and I usually wear some of the fishing weights on the rings too, so you see they are really stretched and are big enough for me to get 4 fingers through the stretched holes my greatgrandson likes to help me alter the rings quite often and sometimes I wear the rings like a chain and sometimes I waer them all in the pierced holes.

I have 4 greatgrandchildren my youngest is only 14 and too young to get her nipples pierced so you see she doesnt wear nipple rings yet except she sometimes wears some nipple jewelery which clips on so you see she doesn't feel left out. I have a greatgranddaughter who is 20 years of age who wears the bars with balls on each end so you see it looks like she has 6 nipples because you see she has bars which my greatgrandson assures me are size 1 gauge and the balls on each end are the size of marbles.

Nanna left an envelope which we were to open at her funeral earlier today, among the instructions are to let you all know and also to say that her rings have been removed and shared out among the family. In total she was wearing nearly five pounds of gold rings at the time of her passing. We will all miss her greatly, and remember her with great affection every time we touch her passed on jewelry. I never liked tattoos and piercings other than ear lobes, then along came my daughter who from an early age showed an interest in body modifications.

At the age of eight she appeared with two holes in each ear in addition to the one each side I allowed her to have when she was five. She had done these herself with a needle and an ice cube knowing that if she asked I would say no.

I quickly decided that this was a battle I couldn't win and agreed that within reason she could get future piercings etc. Subject to my OK which I would only withhold if I felt it was wrong for her. Last week she decided for her 16th birthday she wanted a tattoo and her nipples ierced. I decided that I would also get a tattoo so we went together and both had a red rose on the shoulder.

I certainly had no intention of having my nipples pierced but agreed to accompany her to get hers pierced. I watched her flinch and felt her squeeze my hand as the needles went through and then there she was grinning like mad looking in the mirror at two shiny gold rings adorning her nipples and thought how beautiful they looked. I really can't explain what happened next but I was sitting in the chair and squeezing her hand as my 50 year old nipples were perforated and rings inserted.

We stood there both topless and hugged each other. Just over a week later and the initial soreness has gone and I am still amazed each time I look in a mirror to find that I have gold rings adorning my breasts. Still not sure how it happened. You have two options, admire the look of your little gold rings or wait for a year or so for them to be fully healed and then stretch them up to larger and thicker rings for the fantastic sensations you will get from the weight. I am constantly aware of mine as the slightest movement is felt and that is extremely enjoyable.

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Large gauge nipple piercing

Large gauge nipple piercing

Large gauge nipple piercing

Large gauge nipple piercing

Large gauge nipple piercing. Piercing Sizes Chart: Quick Reference


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There are many different methods of stretching, but they all work toward the same result: increasing the size of your hole. The key to stretching is time.

There is no single right way to stretch a piercing, but there are definitely many wrong ways. Stretching a piercing requires a long-lasting conversation with your body. You need to be able to recognize and respect your limits and the limits of your body. This is a gradual process, and the slower you go, the healthier your piercing will be and the bigger you can ultimately get it.

Going too fast can not only damage your tissue, but can limit your ability to stretch later because of scarring or thinned skin. Whatever method you choose to use, take your time! One way to get an idea if you are ready for the next size is to pull your jewelry downwards.

Can you see light through the hole above the jewelry? You may be able to just pop the next size in; just keep in mind this jewelry should be non-porous and non-reactive, such as implant-grade titanium, steel, glass, or some varieties of stone.

A taper is a tool, about the same length as a piercing needle, that gradually increases in thickness over a few inches, from a thinner end at one size to a thicker end of the next larger size.

This is especially useful with harder-to-stretch piercings like nostril, nipple, and navel piercings. In these cases, if larger jewelry cannot be easily inserted without a taper, the stretch may be too big or too soon. While not effective in all piercings, putting multiple pieces of jewelry in one piercing is sometimes an option, especially in ears and inner labia. This is just one reason to keep all your older, smaller jewelry; you can still use it to stretch.

One method to prevent over-stressing your holes is to use tape to make your plugs bigger by much smaller increments. While jewelry is measured by diameter, what your body is feeling is circumference—and there is an incrementally greater difference between one size and the next. But not just any tape will do. What you are using to wrap should be inert and free of adhesives. That's right, the tape used to wrap pipe threads and seal plumbing joints. Taping is not a suggested method for enlarging all piercings, but tends to be effective on earlobes and some septum piercings.

Adding weight to a piercing in order to gradually stretch it is a common technique in many cultures. However, there are a few things to remember: you should only wear weights in a completely healed piercing—one that is years old, not months. With earlobes, you might need to work up from wearing weights, wearing them for only a couple of hours at a time, to avoid soreness or even headaches.

But if you experience any thinning of the skin the weight rests on, you should stop wearing them and switch to lighter jewelry. If you know for sure that you want to go really big, there are methods to start your initial piercing with larger gauge jewelry. Stop by and talk to a piercer to hear about your options.

Stretching a piercing is like healing one: it involves a dialogue with your body and a journey of discovery.

Large gauge nipple piercing

Large gauge nipple piercing

Large gauge nipple piercing