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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Sophie Saint Thomas. It should go without saying that sex between two women is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation out there.

Lesbian sex tricks

Lesbian sex tricks

Lesbian sex tricks

Lesbian sex tricks

Lesbian sex tricks

Inserting a finger if they're OK with that! Lick, bite, and blow. Remember that she has the same anatomy as you do. Story from Sex. So the first time we went down on one another she was extremely talkative, patient, and basically saved me from having the would Lesbian sex tricks felt like the worlds largest panic attack at the time. If you are not fluid bonded and STI tested, please consider making your sex safer by using dental dams and gloves regardless of the time of the month.

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The upper partner sits rather than Lrsbian. Be as honest as possible about where you are in terms of your sexual and gender identity. Make use of pillows by using them to prop your partner up for an easier angle. All Rights Reserved. How to: Sit on your partner's lap with your back to them. And of course you can try it with a toy or two, too…. The Lazy Girl's My fave is the Assberries butt plug. Milf lesbian farmer anal fucks hottie 5 min Karasputin - Cut your nails! Depending on your natural Lesbian sex tricks, you might want to lube up before you begin inserting fingers. Advertisement - Continue Reading Forums to chat with teens. All mine.

Disclaimer: not everyone answering questions is a medical professional.

  • If you're looking for tips for your first time with a woman, or just want some ideas on how to make what you're doing even better, here are 26 awesome lesbian sex tips.
  • When it comes to sex between two women, there are a lot of myths out there , like that "real" sex must be penetrative, P-in-V involving a penis or strap-on, or that all lesbians looooove to scissor and pretty much do only that in bed.
  • Some of the following images are NSFW.
  • Lesbian turns straight after unknowingly being fucked.

Sex Tips All articles. Use the left and right keys of your keyboard to navigate the album. The Kama Sutra has provided centuries of pleasure for men and women but it's not much use to the lesbians among us. So what's a girl who likes girls to do? We've got it sorted. We've come up with the ultimate lesbian Kama Sutra with OMG sex positions to spice up your sex life tonight.

Great sex comes in many forms and these lesbian sex positions should definitely give you food for thought - you can even use some of the foreplay positions in hetrosexual sex as well. It's a win win. Click through for some sexy inspiration First up is the 'Journey to joy' position which you can use to kiss and caress your partner's body on your way down to the pleasure zone.

How to: Have your partner lie on their back with two pillows under their upper back. The Erotic Maypole. If you're wearing a strap-on and penetrating doggy-style, try using a belt preferably leather. Double-ended dildos are proof that there is a god. It's all natural and vegan. Feeling particularly flexible?

Lesbian sex tricks

Lesbian sex tricks. Don't Be Basic, But Know Your Basics


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Sex is good; better sex is great. One of my favorite ways to make good sex great is in switching things up a little bit. Folks have likely been finding creative ways to do so since we started hooking up. Throw in some sex toys, throw in some sex tools, throw in a good bottle of lube — hell, throw a third or fourth person in the mix! I like to think of it as letting go of what we think should feel good, and adapting to what actually does. Pleasure-focused sex unleashes variety in your sex life, and that is a beautiful thing.

Finding new ways to fit with your partner keeps things fresh and new, and gives off that feeling of excitement that can all-too-often get lost. A little creative positioning can help you find new things that turn you on. It opens the door to finding new parts of your bodies to explore, new sensations, and new ways of seeing each other.

What works one day might not work for us years later. The ways in which we choose to position or not position our bodies during sex allows us a level of control in seeing and being seen by another person.

For example, in a casual encounter, one might not want face-to-face intimacy the way they might want with someone they are deeply connected to. For others, that connectivity and intimacy is a key part of sex. Sex is supposed to feel good! All of our bodies are different and want different things. Maybe some of our bodies threw their back out at work last week. By switching up our positions we can achieve different types of orgasms, and find the things that our bodies need to feel good.

Switching up angles of penetration, intensity, speed, etc. Now, how do we go about deciding what positions to try? And remember as always that your bod is unique and rad, and you can do so many things with it.

Take what applies to you, and leave the rest. It helps to have a bit of an imagination. While skydiving perhaps. What about scissoring, that mysterious vixen? Great news, this post by Austen about yes, Virginia, scissoring contains many helpful illustrations.

The positions included cover oral, strap-on sex, fingering and combinations thereof. I also like this guide because it brings props and location switch-ups into the equation! Romantic dinners are great; romantic dinners that you pause halfway through cooking to have sex on the kitchen table are also great!

Just a thought. Initiating sex outside the bedroom breaks up the routine of having sex as linked only to going to sleep. Your bedroom is comprised of its own positioning props: walls! And a bed. Standing while leaning over a bed is great to support a body bent at the waist and a wonderful position for penetrative sex, oral sex, and rimming.

Walls are also great props: place hands on them, faces against them; heck, push a whole body tight against the wall for a fun impact play position. Disability-inclusive guides like this one from The Mighty are a great reference for folks with physical access needs and everyone, really. If anyone has some cool body positive references, or personal tips and tricks leave them in the comments below!

Lastly, Kinkly has a pretty rad online sex positions generator! Complete with bondage options and difficulty levels. There are just as many ways to switch things up while masturbating as there are with a partner. As Carolyn discussed in our masturbation guide , we can have a tendency to stay stuck in a rut with how we first started masturbating. If you use a toy or prosthetic, you might try it in new and different positions, angles or configurations — sitting on top of a vibrator rather than holding it against you, for instance.

You might learn something new about what feels good in your body, useful info for both solo and partnered sex in the future! Solo sex guides are often heavily focused on genitalia and use pretty binary language. Lelo has this quick little guide for folks that I dig, both for its language usage and its tips. There are tips for anal and vaginal penetrative solo sex, as well as external stimulation.

Last but certainly not least, there are position enhancers. This can be anything from sex-specific furniture, to slings and restraints, to DIY set ups — anything to help get your body in just the right spot. And while many of them can be an investment, they were worth every penny.

So get creative, mix things up, and focus on what feels good. Also, scissoring is real. Get over it, haters. Alyssa is a totally complete incomplete paraplegic and thirty-something hanky-in-the-pocket cartoonist weirdo! You need to login in order to like this post: click here. Alyssa, this is a great article! This incorporates both of them very fluidly and comprehensively. Thanks so much! This is great. Just a tip. What do we want? How do you do it? Position Enhancers Last but certainly not least, there are position enhancers.

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Lesbian sex tricks

Lesbian sex tricks

Lesbian sex tricks