Male pecs and armpits-Chest Muscles Anatomy, Diagram & Function | Body Maps

Exercises that define and sculpt your chest help you look your best at the beach or the gym. They can also help you do a variety of daily tasks, like lifting or pushing objects. On top of all that, while you improve your look and strength, you lift your mood, too. To make sure you work all the chest muscles, include a mix of motions in your chest workout routine:. Consider starting with a lower weight to reduce your risk of injury.

Male pecs and armpits

Male pecs and armpits

Male pecs and armpits

Male pecs and armpits

This large fan-shaped muscle stretches from the armpit up to the collarbone and down across the lower chest region on both sides of the chest. Medically reviewed by Healthline's Medical Network on March 18, Getting started. One man shares how - and why - he learned to meditate even though he…. Injuries to Male pecs and armpits muscle are rare, but symptoms include pain in the chest, bruising, and decreased strength of the muscle. These four exercises will help you build fully defined pecs.

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However, a good diet and fitness plan can help you lose fat throughout your body, and targeted exercises can add muscle to your upper pecs for a better overall look.

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Previous Next. TheSiege Diamond Member. Jun 5, 3, 8 I've seen guys in the gym with pecs that border on B cups. Is there certain chest exercises to avoid or ones to focus on to accomplish this? Sep 26, 5, 1, TheSiege said:. Reactions: Kaido. SlitheryDee Lifer. Feb 2, 17, 18 It's hard to understand what you're describing here. Do you mean that these guys are walking around with such large pectoral muscles that they appear to have breasts, or do you just mean they're just fat?

If it's the first problem, don't worry about it. It's going to take a very long time to reach that level of development. If you ever hit the point where you think you've got enough chest muscle, you can stop increasing the weight of your workouts and stay there.

I suppose one thing you can do to help is avoid anything that's targeting the lower pecs. Decline presses, chest-centric dips, decline flies, etc are all purported to hit the lower pecs.

Targeting your lower pecs means that the bottom half of your chest will get thick, which will cause your shirt to sort of "tent" over it, which might sometimes look like moobs. Even if you're relatively lean, you might still carry a bit of extra fat in your lower pecs. Can't do much about that except get really lean. One thing I know about your average gym goer is that they usually spend an inordinate amount of time on isolation exercises. They do a lot of flies. Incline, flat, decline, upside down, sideways, single arm, double arm, sitting standing, running, walking flies.

Don't do that. It's probably why they all have chests that appear disproportionate to you, and you don't need it to grow your chest anyway. Do lots of flat presses with dumbells and barbells instead. You'll get stronger and your arm to chest to shoulder size ratio will stay in sync, which will help keep you from looking like those guys.

Stay away from the smith machine, pec deck, and chest press machine while you're at it. Reactions: CalebRockeT and mike ArchAngel Diamond Member. Dec 24, 5, 39 Slithery D's response is quiet good.

I can throw in my personal experience. When you have a decently developed chest significant mass along with some body fat, it can actually look worse than someone who is skinny fat. Also, lower chest fat isn't the only cause of the tenting. The armpit fat contributes to this by pushing it out. It then takes several days of moderate eating to bring the definition back. What I have learned throughout this journey is incredible..

There is so much 'illusion' in the fitness industry. People do photo shoots designed to look their very best, when they don't walk around looking like that. I was able to dabble in this myself. Shedding subcutaneous water and "peaking" is neat, but in the end, is just an illusion. Everyone stores body fat differently and you can't really change that.

I have tested this myself and keep detailed records of the last 3 years of my life. TLDR - Drop body fat if you want flat pecs, but do keep in mind that each person's chest is different, structure wise.

The general shape an size of the chest is genetic. The fat covering it, however, can be lost. Sep 13, 47, 1, I want to third the chest body fat thing can make a big difference. I did a pretty strict low card keto-type diet for about 6 weeks.

I definitely lost muscle mass and size. Nothing drastic or anything but I could feel it in my clothes and my lifts went down slightly.

However, my chest "looked" bigger than it did before even though I was putting up less weight, for the sheer fact that I lost noticeable fat right under my chest.

That is an area that men tend to gain fat first and one of the places they lost it last along with lower back and your belly. It's kind of weird how our bodies work and can look. I didn't look like I had man boobs or anything before or after but just defined and somewhat decent sized pecs. Wilkins Platinum Member. Jun 5, 2, Sep 12, 21 5 6. If you look at the chests of people who do climbing, there's often even less development. In some cases these guys look skinny though you could never accuse them of being weak.

The term for them is wiry because they have reduced fat and muscles that are strong but not bulky. The nature of their sports means that they are using their muscles at lots of angles and depths of stretch that ordinary weight training just doesn't provide. One general piece of advice from body builders is you that need low reps with high difficulty, and that high reps won't build bulk.

The suggestion, therefore, is to put some gymnastics and climbing into your exercise routines for instance handstands in the park, climbing on goal posts, scaffolding, etc. You must log in or register to reply here. Post thread.

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Male pecs and armpits

Male pecs and armpits. Orientation

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Pectoral muscles - Wikipedia

The dominant muscle in the upper chest is the pectoralis major. This large fan-shaped muscle stretches from the armpit up to the collarbone and down across the lower chest region on both sides of the chest. The two sides connect at the sternum, or breastbone. The pectoralis major moves each shoulder joint in four distinct directions, and also keeps the arms attached to the body.

Injuries to this muscle are rare, but symptoms include pain in the chest, bruising, and decreased strength of the muscle. The pectoralis minor is located underneath the pectoralis major. This thin triangle-shaped muscle runs up and down along the upper ribs. This occurs because of the hormone testosterone, which the body begins to produce at higher levels during puberty.

Besides aiding in muscle development, testosterone helps fuel the reproductive system, increases bone mass, and helps grow body hair. The pectoralis major muscle is a large muscle in the upper chest, fanning across the chest from the shoulder to the breastbone. The two pectoralis….

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Medically reviewed by Healthline's Medical Network on March 18, How to Fall Asleep in 10, 60, or Seconds. Do You Live with Anxiety? Here Are 11 Ways to Cope. Read this next. Pectoralis major Medically reviewed by Healthline's Medical Network. How to Fall Asleep in 10, 60, or Seconds You can do a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment.

Musculoskeletal Pain.

Male pecs and armpits