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Massive ram fucks free

Massive ram fucks free

Massive ram fucks free

She already knew how succulent his cum was. Lulu May's cunt was delicious! Fresh blonde bimbo Emma Heart gets her cherry pounded Cunt finger teen vigor. Chapter 10 As Lulu May gobbled hungrily away at Mary's sweet pussy, she realized that a subtle transformation was taking place in Old Blue's prick Vree a change in purpose rather than magnitude of intention rather than dimension. He moved sideways again. They were the best-looking boys at her school.

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Oh Mary 3 Following on from the time on the train, which I guess is a couple of years ago now, Mary's appetite for extra cock had developed as had my own enjoyment of being cuckolded.

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Oh Mary 3 Following on from the time on the train, which I guess is a couple of years ago now, Mary's appetite for extra cock had developed as had my own enjoyment of being cuckolded. Husband's fantasies about sleeping with his sister-in-law and his fantasies about his wife sleeping with another man are filled when his in-laws come to visit. They broke out of prison, the four of them, all dangerous men willing to do anything not to go back.

Their stolen car ran out of gas a few miles away from the next city, nothing around for miles. My name is Tony and this is my story of how I found a new life and great sex in the big city. I keep my hair short and am proud of my physique. This is a print version of story Mary had a Hot Ram by qudduse from xHamster.

His fleece was white as snow and he followed her to school and all that shit, but the nursery rhyme stuff stopped there -- because the little lamb grew up to be a horny ram. The ram was a powerful creature with swept-back horns, mighty shoulders and piledriver haunches. He remained white except for a black face and black rings around his legs just above the nimble cloven hoofs. He had golden eyes. He had the long flowing beard of a patriarch, but his balls were full of youthful cum. He had a huge prick and massive balls.

In the prime of life, the ram would have been ready to challenge all other rams for the right to fuck the fat, woolly ewes that grazed on the green hillside, for he knew his rightful place.

But it had been reared as a pet. Mary Wilson was a teen by the time the ram was in his youthful prime. As a soft woolly lamb she had named him Cuddles but as he grew into a powerful hard-muscled creature the name had seemed rather silly and she had begun to call him Rocky the Ram.

Mary was growing into a nubile young lady at the same time that Rocky matured into potency. She wasn't sure just how humans fucked but, being inquisitive, had often listened to the grunts and the moans that drifted through the thin wooden farmhouse walls from her parents' bedroom.

Fucking sounded like fun. She had also recently started to stroke and pet her cunt. One day her pussy had been particularly hot and juicy and her clit was standing out stiff and tingling.

Mary had begun to rub her crotch to soothe her cunt, not quite sure what had caused the condition. Very soon, a thrill had started to sweep through her pussy. She had been surprised by such a wonderful sensation. Her hand had rubbed vigorously away. All of a sudden her big blue eyes had snapped wide open in amazement and her mouth had trembled as her first ever orgasm ripped through her.

After she'd finished coming and her cunt had cooled down, the girl had thought about what had happened. She had a strict upbringing. Anything that felt that good, she figured, just had to be a sin. She vowed never to rub her cunt again. Since that day of discovery, Mary began to give herself handjobs with regularity, at least once a day.

Her hands felt so lovely that the girl just had to wonder what a cock or a tongue would feel like. There was a girl in her school -- a one room country schoolhouse -- who had a bad reputation.

Mary placed little stock in such gossip as a rule, but she thought that Lulu May looked like the sort of girl who had been naughty. Mary was eager to ask Lulu May about such things. But Mary was shy. She couldn't think of a way to bring such a subject into the conversation without becoming embarrassed. One fine spring day, Mary was sitting on a fallen log out in the back forty, out of sight of the farmhouse, watching the fluffy white clouds drift across the bright blue sky and thinking about this and that.

She was wearing a checkered dress and a blue bonnet with a pink ribbon. Under the dress, she wore nothing. Being a young farm girl, Mary did not have any sexy underwear. She had no money of her own with which to buy any.

The local general store didn't stock anything like that anyhow, and her mother always bought her plain white panties and bras as unshapely and restrictive as armor plate.

Mary hated those awful undies. So she had taken to not wearing them. She liked to know and feel that she was naked under her dresses. It gave her a thrill. It was also handy for frigging herself off. It was a bother to have to remove her panties when she felt like a quick fingerfucking and if she left them on she always got the crotchband soaking wet, which was awfully embarrassing when her mother washed them in the tub.

It was a Saturday and she had slept later than usual. By the time that she awoke, her mother was banging the gong to announce that breakfast was on the table.

Usually on Saturday mornings when she didn't have to hurry to get to school, Mary liked to stay in bed and enjoy a long and leisurely fingerfucking session. This morning she had been forced to make a choice -- she could miss breakfast and have a good come, or she could forego the pleasures of her pussy for those of her tummy.

Mary had a healthy appetite and she could smell bacon and coffee. Anyhow, she reasoned, she could always fingerfuck later on if she wanted to.

So she went down to breakfast. Then she had wandered out to the fields. The idea of fingerfucking herself in the fresh air was attractive. An outdoor handjob seemed sort of wholesome. She was in no hurry to come. Coming was the best part, certainly, but Mary liked to enjoy the build up and the preliminaries. She looked around to make sure that there was no one who could see her, then, smiling, she began to unbutton the front of her dress. Spreading it open, she tilted her face down and looked at her tits.

They were lovely tits. Mary had been amazed when they first became so large and shapely, and she admired them a great deal. Her tits were full and firm, and her nipples were big and fat. When they got stiff, as they were now, they stood out like little pink spaceships ready to be launched. She knew that the boys in school looked at her tits a lot. But they looked at the rest of her, too. Mary's ass was shaped like a teardrop, firm and sweeping. Her waist was tiny and her hips were rounded.

Her face was well matched to that splendid body. She had big blue eyes that looked innocent when they were wide open but not so innocent when they were narrowed with desire. Her mouth was wide and full and sensual, the lower lip slightly turned down in a cute pout.

Her hair was thick and blonde, like coils of spun gold tumbling to her shoulders, cascading over her cheeks. Now she gazed down at her tits. As she looked, as if her vision were gently caressing her, her nipples began to grow and stiffen. She cupped her tits in her hands, lifting the plump tits and pushing them together into deep cleavage.

Cupping her tits in her palms and fingers, she began to seep her thumbs back and forth across the nips. She was starting slowly. Mary hadn't yet decided what to think about, what fantasy to employ while she worked on her hot cunt. They were the best-looking boys at her school. But sometimes she liked to think about nameless strangers. Mary was a normal heterosexual girl. She had never thought about doing anything naughty with another girl -- yet. Like, say, a ram Yet there had been a nagging sensation, a dark thrill that was not yet knowledge the last time she had fondled Rocky the Ram.

The girl had become sexually aroused and had had to rub herself off three times afterwards before she was satiated. Yet she was still innocent and did not realize that it was the ram who had turned her on. And perhaps the ram had not yet realized why his balls had bloated and his big prick tensed as Mary petted him. Both girl and ram both sensed what they did not yet realize Mary squirmed on the fallen tree, the rough bark stimulating her juicy pussy.

She lifted her tits higher and ducked her head lower, pushing her tongue out. She began to lick her stiff nipples. She was lucky, she thought, that her tits were big enough so she could mouth her own nips. She would be even luckier when she got some handsome boy to do it for her, she figured. She lapped away, her face turning as she switched back and forth from taut tip to tip.

Her nipples seemed to explode in her lips.

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Massive ram fucks free

Massive ram fucks free

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Massive ram fucks free