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A leading blog on the science of sex, love, and relationships, written by social psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller. Many of us decorate with mistletoe around the Christmas holiday. It's often hung from the ceiling or over a door, with kisses offered to those who stand under it. Have you ever wondered why, though?

Misletoe sex

Misletoe sex

Misletoe sex

Misletoe sex

Misletoe sex

Money transfers. After his car breaks down, they have to bunk up together in his car, freezing and surrounded by snow, until morning. US sports. Waking up the next morning they decide to walk to civilisation. A traditional recipe involves infusing two teaspoons of a mixture of mistletoe leaves, Misletoe sex leaves and lemon balm leaves in Misletoe sex cups of water for minutes, straining the infusion and then Mislehoe it over the day. Holidays are no Naked in the creek the guilt-free pleasure they used to be, you know. Theresa May. Zex, non. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium.

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A kiss under the mistletoe is normally just a playful peck on the cheek, but before I knew it her lips were hard against mine. Again Dan Erotica guys her, Misletoe sex began to passionately kiss her. Piper n Jessie 3way under the mistletoe Mislteoe min Desoplus - We found out they had been married for three years. Her breathing speeds up as he moves to the other breast. My wife started to giggle. He places a hand gently on her neck. Ses church clock struck twelve thirty. Ssex sat back at the table and the only guy who hadn't pissed yet pounced on the doorway. We Misletoe sex watched enraptured as Dan sauntered up to esx wife. Teen roommates have a Christmas licking 6 min Sweetysab - 9. Not only do they photosynthesize actively, but a heavy infestation of mistletoe plants may take over whole host tree branches, sometimes killing practically the entire crown and replacing it with their own growth. Tell us why Please tell us why you think this story should be removed. The slam-fest continued and I was getting all kinds of crap, I told them I liked having mistletoe up hoping to quiet them a little.

This Christmas inspired sex position could help to spice up your love life.

  • John sits in his favorite chair, drinking down a hot cup of hot chocolate.
  • So July rolled around, and I must say I was ahead of the game, our Christmas decorations had been down for a whole month.
  • Gorgeous ladies in sweet pussy for christmas day celebration.
  • They are attached to their host tree or shrub by a structure called the haustorium , through which they extract water and nutrients from the host plant.

Show me a sprig of mistletoe hanging at a holiday party and I'll show you at least one person who cracks jokes about stealing kisses from fellow revelers. Everyone knows it's tradition to smooch under the festive greenery but where exactly did the kissing custom come from?

Signs of affection shared under the under the plant have origins in ancient Druid and Norse cultures. But it wasn't until much later—during the 18th and 19th centuries—that it took on its modern-day part in Christmas celebrations. Around this time, British households started hanging mistletoe in their homes during holiday celebrations. Slate reports that in an story, writer Washington Irving hints at the saucy nature of the decor, writing, "the mistletoe, with its white berries, hung up, to the imminent peril of all the pretty housemaids.

Traditionally, folks looking for a smooch would pluck a berry from the sprig and present it as a gift to potential partner in exchange for a kiss. But once the white berries have all been plucked from the plant, its role as a make-out instigator apparently expire.

It's a symbol of the great state of Oklahoma. While the official state flower is the Oklahoma rose, mistletoe is the state's floral emblem. Mistletoe is a parasite, sort of. Keep Fido away! The plant is toxic to pets. For centuries, mistletoe has been used to treat various ailments and illnesses. Though despite lots of speculation and attention, there is not strong evidence to support its efficacy in treating cancer. Mistletoe was believed to be a charm against bad luck.

The bird is the word. Mistletoe is spread from, um, bird droppings. After birds ingest the seeds and leave behind their waste on unsuspecting twigs or branches, mistletoe sprouts up! Do you decorate with mistletoe? Do you and your partner have any romantic traditions you celebrate during the holidays? By Tara Gonzalez. By Christopher Rosa. By Juno DeMelo. Topics christmas couples flirting holidays hooking up kissing. By Glamour.

The bathroom door opened to my silence and Gary returned to put his arms around my wife. European mistletoe , Viscum album , on an apple tree in Essex, England. Look up mistletoe in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mistletoe. She's a cutey, 5'4" slim waist round behind, perky small c-cup breasts, and short bouncy light blond hair. Working Group on New Ornamentals

Misletoe sex

Misletoe sex

Misletoe sex

Misletoe sex

Misletoe sex. Comments (20)

My hand explored her soft curves, slowly followed the valley between her bum cheeks and found the outline of her panties through the thin smooth black satin.

I ran my fingertips across her bottom along the hem of her panties, to show her I knew all about her underwear. Then my hand slid down her thigh and found the unmistakable ridge of a stocking top. Even by then I was frantic. I hadn't touched a woman's bare flesh for months.

My hand was down her thigh, then lifting her dress, on stocking clad leg, then on the bare thigh above, then on her panties fondling her bottom through thin tight cloth. Then finally my hand was inside her panties, first on the soft smooth flesh of her buttocks, then cupped over her mound and her moist pubic hair with my finger in her love slit. She moaned as I fondled her. I heard the church clock struck midnight.

I wanted! Moments later we were in the small bedroom I was using. I love to be undressed by naked men A man can never strip as sexily as a woman. I stripped quickly, leaving my blue cotton briefs till last. In that deep rooted male instinct every man has to show off his penis I let her see how far my erection forced my briefs out, then I quickly pulled them down round my thighs just below my balls so my penis sprang out with its full erect length pointed at the ceiling quivering stiffly.

I let her admire it and let her soft fingers feel its length and stiffness and the size and hairiness of my balls before I dropped them completely.

It didn't take long. First the clasp holding her cleavage closed, then the zip down her back. I slipped the thin strings of her shoulder straps off her shoulders next, let her dress drop till it hung on her hips then a quick flick of my hands sent it on its way to the floor. I savoured the sight of her in just her black lacy bra, panties and tan stockings, and enjoyed the feel of her bottom and sex mound through the taut silk of her panties before I removed her bra and slipped her panties down.

As I moved around her to undress and fondle her I let the head of my erect penis brush against her buttocks, her thighs and her belly, and she reached down to playfully flick my straining shaft. She gave a little cry of pleasure and excitement as my fingers ruffled her neat bush of dark pubic hair and found the soft wet lips beneath.

I squatted in front of her and touched my lips lightly to her pubic hair, then frantic with lust I grabbed her buttocks and pulled that exquisite dark triangle of sex fur hard against my face!

And for me too," she added with a wistful smile. I knew she was here with her partner and I hadn't expected her to say that. While I was still squatting in front of her kissing her cunt and the tops of her thighs she stepped a high heeled foot up onto a chair for me to take her stocking off.

But I've got fantasies too. Have you been wanking thinking of me? Alison had taken her stocking off for me in my fantasies the night before while my hand frantically stroked and tugged my hard up shaft. Now she did it for real on that same bed where I'd grunted her name and my hard working hand had sent my semen splashing up my chest. She lay on her back. Her big breasts flopped sideways, she spread her legs so wide they were pointing in opposite directions, pulling her vagina open so her juice wetted pink labia peeped out through her bush.

Then she slowly folded up each leg in turn so her knees were near her shoulders, then peeled her stockings off exquisitely slowly. As I watched her I fingered my penis, working it to rock hard straining erection. She tossed one stocking at me so it hung on my erection. She enjoyed fulfilling men's fantasies too! I guess that gave her all the answer she needed.

She reached up her arms toward me. The church clock struck twelve fifteen. I joined her on the bed. She was every bit as wild for my body as I was for hers! I can only remember instants of those minutes of wild passion! Her legs wrapped round me, my hands roamed all over her naked body, I kissed and licked her breasts and sucked her nipples and kissed her down her body from her breasts, over her navel tickling her belly button with me tongue, then down till her pubes were coarse against my lips and she moaned, cried out and squirmed with sex pleasure as my tongue teased her between her vagina lips.

In the middle of our frantic wrestling she rolled me onto my back and slowly mounted me in 69 position, kissing me all down my body starting with my lips, letting her swinging breasts slide over my face then down my chest with her hard erect peaking nipples brushing over my hairy chest. With my head between her legs and her pubic hair against my face she flicked the so sensitive head of my straining penis with her tongue as it arched stiffly over my belly, then she moved further down my body to tickle my penis head and shaft with her nipples and so and I was kissing her legs and inner thighs.

She took my penis head into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue. I thought I was going to cum, and I gripped her thighs and shoved my cock up against her lips as I groaned in ecstasy. But she knew how to take a guy to the brink and ease off.

She rolled off me and lay on her back on the bed next to me, then spread and folded up her legs and fingered her pussy. The church clock struck twelve thirty.

I got on all fours beside her astride her spread leg so my balls and my hard cock could enjoy brushing against her soft thigh and smear it with pre cum. I fondled her breasts, then ran my hand down her belly. I tickled her belly button, then slid my fingers down through her bush to the prize beneath. I kissed her on her lips then on her nipples and began stroking her juice sodden vagina lips smoothly, rhythmically and gently with my fingertips the way a woman wants, nothing like the hard muscular stroking and tugging a man's cock needs.

I'd at least learned how to do that just the way my ex liked! She didn't take long to rise. As her labia swelled my fingers darted to her clit, the little hard peak at the top of her slit, and began to smoothly circle it, arousing her, then easing off to stroke her labia, then back to her clit, and back and forth.

I felt her tense and she gasped. She flopped back on the bed, eyes closed and holding her hands over her pussy as her afterglow blazed.

Her eyes opened. She took her hands away from her cunt, and spread and folded her legs up again. My heart was pounding with lust as I climbed between her spread legs. For a long delicious moment I savoured her vagina lips against my penis head and her soft body under mine before she gasped as I slid full length into her warm, soft, smooth tightness.

Her arms wrapped over my back and her legs folded up against the sides of my thighs. I thrust smoothly, methodically and full length, trying to savour every delicious thrust, and moving my penis around inside her to enjoy every bit of her vagina. If the church clock struck three quarters it was either drowned by our cries and grunts or I was too preoccupied with enjoying her luscious body to hear the distant bells.

We did a lot of fucking with them but they were the only couple we'd played with. We'd talked about several ways to find others to play with but none had worked up till now. He was told that it would be a fun couples' night with good food and plenty to drink.

Her thought was that people usually kiss at midnight of the New Year. She had the idea that it might be fun to have Mistletoe put up throughout the house and have some kissing all night long. We both agreed that it should be fun, so I had him call and tell them we would love to join the party.

The big question now was what to wear. Gerry had told him that it was not a formal party so a cocktail dress was out. I finally landed on a short black skirt and a red silky blouse. The next question was what underwear to wear.

I put on my black lace panties and my red lace push up bra to show Sam and get his approval. He lifted up my skirt and sighed as he rubbed my slit over my panties. He gave them his stamp of approval. Next he moved his attention to the silky blouse and the red lace bra. He look was not as approving though.

I kind of groaned at him, the push up bra made my tits look bigger than their 32 B size. I slipped the blouse off and then unclasped the bra tossing it to the bed.

I put the blouse back on and Sam again rubbed the silky material but this time over my now braless nipples. This made my nipples harden up. Sam stood back and said, "Perfect. He was so easy: khaki pants and a tight black polo shirt that showed off his muscles.

We made our way to the door and were met by Gerry and Amanda. Amanda gave us both a hug and kiss as Gerry took our coats. I asked Amanda about the mistletoe concept as the boys put the coats away. She told me that she thought it would be fun and sexy to do a little kissing with friends.

Amanda told me that this was their first time trying the concept and hoped we would have a good time. We got drinks and started mingling. The couples seemed to range in age between mids and mids. There was mistletoe hanging up in all the doorways and some in the middle of different rooms. Everyone was drinking and starting to loosen up. Amanda went through the house and dimmed all the lights. She patted me on the ass saying that things should liven up now.

We ran into Ashley and Nick. She was wearing a medium length skirt and cute blouse that showed her red lacy pushup bra. We talked for a bit hitting it off with them. We found out they had been married for three years. I asked Ashley if she was having a good time and she just giggled. She told me that the alcohol was starting to have an effect on her and several guys had slipped their tongues in her mouth. She whispered in my ear that she was usually pretty shy but the kissing was getting her excited.

We split up from Ashley and Nick to mingle. I lost sight of Sam as one of cuter guys caught me under the mistletoe. As with the last few guys who had kissed me his tongue was quickly in my mouth and his hips pushed his hard dick into my belly. My hard nipples were begging to be rubbed so I grabbed his hand that was on my back and brought it to my tits. He eagerly rubbed my nipples through my silky blouse. Another guy bumped into us and he said it was his turn.

He was very drunk and was getting a little rough when Nick came to my rescue. As Nick and I walked away to get another drink, I thanked him for getting me away from that drunk and told him that I would have to find a way to repay him. When we got close to the bar Nick pointed up at some mistletoe and said that I could thank him now. I grabbed him and kissed him hard, mixing my tongue with his.

Nick was quick to put his hands on my tits and I was rubbing against his hard on. Nick started whispering in my ear how hot I was and how great I felt. I whispered back that I could tell by how much his cock was poking me as I ground harder against him.

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I have had a great time reading this short story. It's so cute and funny and the sex scene is really hot. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Melinda is already having a crappy Christmas. Forced to attend some snotty bitch's wedding is not the way to start out the holidays. But when a car crash pushes her into the path of a handsome stranger she's glad to follow his snowy, sexy and seductive path.

But is he too good to be true? And will she make it to the wedding before her best friend loses her mind with worry? Get A Copy. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. Sort order. Oct 27, Alison rated it it was amazing. Melinda is heading out late to attend a wedding. This is a short story, ideal to read curled up in the warm with an afternoon cup of tea. An easy, pleasant read.. Happy to recommend. This is an really easy read while being very short was also a very good good story.

Melinda is on her way to a wedding she late and all her mum wants is it to be her wedding and not someone else's. A really good read. This was a fab little read even though it isn't Christmas.

If you want a quick, fun and light hearted read with some steamy romance, then this is the perfect story. My first introduction to the authors books and certainly won't be my last! Nov 12, Sheerie rated it really liked it. This very short story packs a whole lot into it. A car journey to a wedding leads Melinda to meet Aiden which in turns leads to one very hot and explicit sexual encounter, oh yes! This book also has humour and depth. Sex, Snow and Mistletoe is the perfect festive short that can be read in-between all those Christmas shopping sprees, present wrapping sessions and last minute preparations.

This is certainly my kind of romantic adventure; Melinda becomes trapped on the road, in the snow, with a cute, hot stranger! There seems no other answer for it, but for them to stay together in the car, keeping each other w Sex, Snow and Mistletoe is the perfect festive short that can be read in-between all those Christmas shopping sprees, present wrapping sessions and last minute preparations.

The closeness of these two strangers makes for some awkward moments, with plenty of suspense as sexual tension begins to creep in. The setting of them being stuck in the car together, along with some of the dialogue, put me in the mindset of the movie, 28 Dresses.

The pace is perfect throughout, albeit I found it ended quickly. Sex, Snow and Mistletoe will easily get you in the mood for a little Christmas romance! Wedding season is in full swing, and Melinda is participating in the age old tradition of the role of bridesmaid. While late for the nuptials, Melinda finds herself involved in a car accident that will not be the last she sees of the driver who cause the catastrophe.

The hunky stranger that caused Melinda to be late for the wedding has his own reason for rushing to the church. What Melinda will quickly discover is nothing about this wedding is text book, and she is just a participant in one wild Wedding season is in full swing, and Melinda is participating in the age old tradition of the role of bridesmaid.

What Melinda will quickly discover is nothing about this wedding is text book, and she is just a participant in one wild and crazy night that is sure to not be forgotten anytime soon!! Sex, Snow and Mistletoe is a short story from Laura Barnard that is full of laughter and memorable moments.

While small in size, this novella is definitely jam packed with humor and some really hot sex!! When picking up a book by Barnard, readers can take stock in the fact they will be part of an insanely interesting and funny book that will have you giggling from cover to cover!! I read this short story last night, in a short time. It was exciting, and incredibly sexy. Melinda is on her way to a wedding she really does not want to attend, when she skids in bad weather and crashes her car.

The car behind stops, and the driver, a very attractive stranger, offers her a lift to the wedding, as he is also attending. T I read this short story last night, in a short time. They set off, but the car breaks down, and they are stuck in the snow until morning. Much fun ensues, and there is a twist in the end of the story that had me gasping and giggling.

A really entertaining short story, and a clear 5 stars for me. I enjoyed that book so much that I immediately went in search of other books by this fun author. It is a very quick and fun read! The characters are just perfect although the problem with short stories is that you just don't ge review available on my book blog: www.

I highly recommend this book. I estimate it would take minutes to read - what better way to brighten up your lunch break!

Beautiful short story. Melinda is on her way to a wedding she does NOT want to attend, driving through a snowstorm, when she veers off the road. Without a working car and not cell service, stuck in the snow, she is clueless on how she will get out of this conundrum. Lo and behold, up comes a handsome stranger also headed to the same wedding!

She jumps in the car with him and together they continue on their trek to this snotty girl's wedding. And though this entire story was read in u Melinda is on her way to a wedding she does NOT want to attend, driving through a snowstorm, when she veers off the road.

And though this entire story was read in under an hour, I really enjoyed their trip through the snow in hopes of making it to this wedding on time.

The flirty banter mixed with their sarcasm and quick wits, these two were a boatload of laughs! This story was cute. A bit predictable and silly, but totally enjoyable and a whole lot of fun. I'm such a fan of holiday reads.

Every December I scrounge trying to find new and adorable Christmassy stories to read to help get me in the holiday spirit. This was exactly what I was looking for! It was flirty, fun, entertaining If you're looking for a quick read to start your chilly day off on the right holiday foot, this is a story worth grabbing. Thanks to Laura Barnard for the review copy! Find this review and others like it at Lost in Literature! Jun 19, C.

I've been wanting to read a book by Laura Barnard for some months, but was struggling to find the time to fit in a full length book, then the offer to try this quick read came along. Considering it only took me half an hour to read, she managed to pack quite a lot in - festive fun, humour, erotica and romance. Mel breaks down on the way to a wedding and is rescued by a sexy stranger and sparks fly.

A great little appetiser to whet the appetite for her full length books. This was a 3 star "I like I've been wanting to read a book by Laura Barnard for some months, but was struggling to find the time to fit in a full length book, then the offer to try this quick read came along. This was a 3 star "I liked it" for me, as it actually wasn't actually quite what I was expecting.

Oct 25, Monique rated it it was amazing. This book arrived on my kindle app this morning, and before I could even think, I had to read it. I love anything Laura writes, so I was extremely happy when I heard she had written a short story, but I do wish it was longer.

Misletoe sex

Misletoe sex