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Edit Artist. Death metal band based in Tampa, Florida. Progressive, rhythmic, complex and evil death metal with lyrics well-crafted from Sumerian and Lovecraftian domains. Not surprisingly, "Covenant" was the first death metal album released on a major label Giant Records as even musicians outside the genre found the band technically and artistically impressive. Viewing All Morbid Angel.

Misty morbid angel

Misty morbid angel

If you like the Formulas era of the band then do as I said above and just listen to half the album, as you might get something from it. Of course, functional is Misty morbid angel not good enough, and neither are these songs. Instead, this album is littered with industrial trash and occasionally lazy drumming. Except for the mobrid track "Blades for Baal" it's just fail after grotesque fail. I thought you at least had some integrity left.

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  • Text by Chad Sims.

Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. The problem is: what the fuck does that have to do with the band whose name is on this album? Needless to say, the rest of the album does not even raise what is being offered up to the bottom tier of what we would expect from the Morbid Angel catalogue.

This simply sounds like a lame attempt at a parody rather than any serious attempt at songwriting. Again, my issue is not with the idea that Trey Azagthoth or David Vincent would, through a different project, opt to make this kind of music: what is at issue is the integrity of Morbid Angel itself as a project.

What is Morbid Angel about if the band is interested in writing these kinds of songs? It has to be heard to be believed, even if you may be sorry you heard it at all.

This thing is dreadful. I spill my guts whenever I think about this album. Its existence makes next to no sense. Illud Divinum Insanus is an embarrassing clusterfuck of an album with plenty of blunders, bloopers, and bone-headed antics to spare. I already told you that this album suffered from ineptitude to the point of hilarity, but I have to go into the musical aspect of Illud to show you why.

The first song after the admittedly old-school keyboard intro is a piece called "Too Extreme! This song sets the template for much of the album. The gratuitous Spanish he starts jabbering in later only adds to the ridiculousness of this song. It is a musical abortion and a comedy masterpiece.

It shows you just what kind of industrial metal Morbid Angel plan on subjecting you to. Moving on from that, the general aspects of Illud are pretty lacking and strange. It shows how badly this kind of industrial music meshes with Morbid Angel's core sound. The styles always clash.

What I also find odd is that the death metal side of this album is also severely lacking in effort. They feel flat, and that flatness only gets magnified when you have David Vincent's hoarse yelling overpower the music in a way that makes you want to shove a giant cork in his mouth so he'd just shut up.

On terms of instrumentation and the vocal performance, this album is severely lacking. Illud is one of those strange cases of something being so terrible that it ends up being entertaining.

If you want to hear David Vincent talk like a robot, whisper about his "killer cult", yell about how "hardcore and radical" Morbid Angel is, and enjoy the sound of Trey Azagthoth trying to play along to repetitive, thudding dance beats. Then this is the album for you. As a metal album, it's one of the worst things ever conceived, but as a comedy release, it's golden. If this had no comedic value or meme-ability to it, I'd probably rate this much lower since a bad, boring album is far worse than a shit album you can have fun with, and Illud is a lot of fun for all the wrong reasons.

The performance and delivery on this album is hammy, stupid, over-the-top, and hardly serious at all to the point where listening to this album is the musical equivalent of watching a sucky B-movie purely for the laughs.

It'd be hard for Morbid Angel to release anything worse than this, but it would also be hard for them to release anything as hilarious ever again, which is why they shouldn't. The laughs were good, but I still feel really dirty after listening to this. Yep, this is happening. The dust has settled and the room has cleared, so why not tackle this infamous album? For years it dwelled in the musty purgatory that is my music collection, until now.

Coming back to the CD after four years of what is the equivalent of remembering you have a chained-up monstrosity that has been wasting away and for good reason up in the attic served as a painful reminder of whatever the hell Morbid Angel thought they were doing and the bovine, less-pathetic moments of the album that show a once-excellent group artistically crapping out on itself.

Like a slow-witted scrub who sits open in the end zone on the last play of the game, watching as the pigskin spirals in the air and plummets right in his reach, only for it to bonk off his helmet and hit the turf, it tries. Whatever Morbid Angel thought they were doing creating this hybrid of death metal and industrial stuff took balls the size of Mars.

The performances here are just performances, really. Two radical shifts in the Morbid Angel paradigm occurred a few years before this was conceived. Saying these tracks knock on the door of total garbage would be putting it gently; they are utterly fucking atrocious.

Industrial touches, done right, could have actually done wonders in supplementing the modern Morbid Angel assault, and there is certainly no complaint on my end that the band tried to do something new. The problem with the electronic influences is that they work against these tunes, and are generally fucking horrendous. Any sort of subtle placement or feeling of amplified intensity is blown off the face of the earth by the sheer awfulness of how misplaced and wonky Morbid Angel sounds trying to wrap their arms around the electronic world while juggling a feeble sense of death metal.

They come off sounding misdirected, and, in the case of a few special specimens, reach levels of musical crimes against humanity. The riffs have no bite, Tim Yeung drums like any death metal drummer on the face of the planet, and Vincent barks his monotonous tone to the point of disgust. While not superb, it certainly seems perfect notched up to the other atrocities. At the very least, this one earns a smidge of credit for not having its head jammed four inches up its own bum.

One might be better than the other, but who cares? The sheer lack of quality on both sides of the spectrum is inexcusable. This review was written for: www. Much ink and theoretically blood has been spilled about this album and many of its bad points have been described in brutal detail.

What band has taken a radical departure from the style of music listeners had come to expect and NOT taken any flak for it?

At least I assume that's the reasoning behind reviewers who praise the album while implying that its critics are simply upset with the band for making its own artistic choices rather than consulting them on the matter. Allow me at this point to unambiguously say that these critics are wrong. This is a horrible album. It's not a radically divergent work of creative genius. It's a radically divergent steaming pile of shit. The legends are true, it's that simple. And yet, I feel like few reviewers have really expounded the main problem with this album.

And it's the same with "I Am Morbid" which is, by the time it reaches the chorus, so completely flaccid and unthreatening that it sounds like something the tough-guy character would sing in a G-Rated movie while parents smile patronizingly at the TV over their kids' shoulders.

And it's especially the same with tracks like "Too Extreme! I don't think I've ever heard an album shoot itself in the foot as consistently as this. It's literally painful to witness. The song-length issue is especially aggravating when considering how fake the music sounds.

It's by no means unusual or undesirable for a metal band to stick on a nice riff for a while or even repeat whole portions of a song if it's well-done and interesting enough. I can imagine Azagthoth or whoever discussing the whole thing in the studio something like- XX: "Hey, you know what this song needs?

I really can't understand why anyone would listen to this album. Except for the standout track "Blades for Baal" it's just fail after grotesque fail. And even the good tracks are less than you'd expect from Morbid Angel When you look up at the sky and see an approaching black cloud, the normal person wants to get the hell out of the area, or get inside as soon as possible.

What we have here, is the backside of the storm that was personified in the previous release "Heretic". That release showed us everything that could go wrong with a release; namely horribly muddy production, terrible songwriting, and pitiful execution. This is a band that released albums that blew people's minds consistently for 6 years, and after David Vincent left, things were never really the same.

The "F" and "G" releases were mediocre and Heretic, well, everyone knows what an abortion that was. I cannot fault Morbid Angel for trying to incorporate some new elements in their music. After the abysmal failure of Heretic selling less than 50, records , the band leaving Earache Records, and Pete Sandoval being sidelined with injuries, it makes sense that Morbid Angel would try to implement a contingency plan.

Unfortunately, that plan was poorly thought out and executed. The transitions between songs are extremely jarring, and the flow of the album suffers because of this. The listener receives an aural case of hypothermia, being thrust into one musical style and then the other. This would not be such an issue, if a little overlap were utilized in incorporating the new styles evenly throughout the album.

Either there is a straight death metal song, or there is a dance club DJ remix track. The lack of fluidity between tracks is one issue of the industrial elements. Another is the extremely limited use of the elements. The band does not use any electronic synthesizer as atmosphere.

They relegate themselves mainly to drum beats, which in and of themselves are poorly performed. Morbid Angel could have incorporated atmosphere into the electronic and industrial elements but failed to do so.

The conventional death metal tracks are great. The new guitarist Destructhor definitely holds his own as well. The production is great and every instrument is crisp, clear and easily discernable. Overall, it is a failed experimental album. It could have been much better if there were actual industrial elements dispersed throughout the album, instead of some electronic drum beats on a few scattered tracks. Also, if those tracks with manufactured drum beats kept true to the musical style of the rest of the album, the weakness of the tracks may have been mitigated some.

Once the polarity issue is resolved, they could release an extremely potent record. After a painful 8 long years, Morbid Angel finally released a new album.

At least long time drummer Pete Sandoval can say that he was not a part of this horrendous disappointment. Morbid Angel had to drop Pete from the band due to back surgery that he had to endure. I wish I knew what Trey Azagthoth was thinking when this album was being composed. However, the death metal is only present on 4 of the 11 songs of the album.

However, for the rest of the album, the music is an industrial, gothic, half-hazard mess.

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Misty morbid angel

Misty morbid angel

Misty morbid angel

Misty morbid angel

Misty morbid angel

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Misty morbid angel