Nature fuck-The Explore Page Is Messed Up And People Are Complaining

Fuck taxes! Fuck nature! Fuck college and retirement funds! Fuck breakfast! Fuck safe sex!

Nature fuck

Nature fuck

Nature fuck

Well, the oldest known tree lives in the White Mountains. Vani Hari transformed into the Food Babe via a case of appendicitis that she erroneously blamed on her diet. Latino astronauts highly recommend reading this article. And for anesthetic, could you just give Nature fuck a large-ish chunk of kale to bite down on? Nature fuck like to get drunk. But ask them how pressing twenty pounds of rosemary into three ounces of pungent oil happens in nature. Fuck nature. Like, for fucj, an event involving meat raining down from the sky.

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How many times has nature tried to kill you?

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Fuck taxes! Fuck nature! Fuck college and retirement funds! Fuck breakfast! Fuck safe sex! Oh, yeah and fuck the police too. This next song is for every teacher that said you were fucking stupid! This next song is for every dad that said you wouldn't amount to anything at all! And this next song is for every preacher that said you were going to hell! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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Nature fuck

Nature fuck

Nature fuck

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This Is Why No One Should Fuck With Nature

How many times has nature tried to kill you? Without modern medicine, how much worse off would your life be? If you go back to doing all things naturally, a tiny emergency turns into a big one. A long term chronic illness turns into a quick death sentence. Say you got appendicitis a thousand years ago. Odds were that you would writhe in pain for a day or two, your appendix would have ruptured and your doctors would have given you a battery of herbs and maybe opium because obviously.

All natural treatment to an all natural problem would have left you dead. Vani Hari transformed into the Food Babe via a case of appendicitis that she erroneously blamed on her diet. Or better yet for no human intervention in the scalpel making process, a sharp rock birthed from the planet via the splintering of the Earth from the movement of tectonic plates? And for anesthetic, could you just give me a large-ish chunk of kale to bite down on?

Pain is just toxins leaving the body. Nature would have left Vani- appendix, toxins, great hair and all- behind from the pack to suffer and die. What happens when you have the oft-demonized-by-the-natural-crowd… chronic illness? Sallow complexion, overweight, immobile, sniffly and possibly even bed laden? Namaste, motherfuckers. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. But for me, the worst part has been a permanent headache on the left side of my head.

The first eight months of it were hell before we found our how to treat it, and eventually we landed on a seizure med and an anti-inflammatory.

A hundred? Five hundred? The type of headache pain that I experience is similar to trigeminal neuralgia , otherwise known as the suicide disease.

One day of terrible pain is tolerable. Looking forward to a lifetime of pain that severe will make you reconsider if you want to keep breathing. I went organic. I went vegan. I even- and this is a dark time in my life- tried going paleo.

It was polio, smallpox, earthquakes, exposure, famine, and goddamn bee stings that killed us. Want to fight cancer with nature? Nature will probably let you die. Hear a blogger say they beat cancer without chemo and did it all naturally? They probably left out that they had surgery. I promise you, being knocked unconscious, having your breathing and heartbeat controlled by an anesthesiologist, having a tumor removed precisely by a surgeon, and being sewn up in a manner that prevents sepsis is not natural.

Want to fight depression and anxiety? There are going to be people who tell you that natural cures like essential oils have helped to de-stress. That might be possible. But ask them how pressing twenty pounds of rosemary into three ounces of pungent oil happens in nature. Ask what they thought cures for mental illnesses were like before we had those evil pharmaceuticals. The options included warehousing people and lobotomies. Want to lose weight naturally?

The people at ItWorks will tell you that they can help. And ask the good people at Plexus about their overpriced bullshit natural shakes.

Stop thinking about nature as a wonderful source of everything that you need in life. Things like the Paleo diet, the organic movement, and the anti-vaxxers all earn my ire for the same reason: they present themselves as healthy, natural options for people. Unfortunately, they ignore the realities of the natural life.

Paleolithic man, if he survived past infancy, might have been thinner than us because he literally was running around all day trying to survive nature. Paleolithic man, if he could come back from the dead now, would goddamn kill you for your Cocoa Puffs. He would laugh at your stupid fucking kale because he wants calories and your kale does not have it and he needs calories to go run down a bison tomorrow. So think about how many times modern science had saved you by the age of one, or up until this point in your life.

Just look at the advancements in internet porn websites like porn7 xxx , the telephone, medicine,…. Think about that for a few minutes. And then stop goddamn advocating for nature. Because nature is not advocating for you.

All of the life necessary to recycle my body back into fertilizer would happily jump into high gear and decay me into fertilizer for plants to take up. Hmm, maybe that would be a worthy end for my remains, rather than turning slowly into soap underground.

Their teeth are not as healthy as the absence of coca cola would suggest. I highly recommend reading this article. I struggle too for biodiversity, the environment, the birds and the bees. Hence, everything we eat, admire, love, inspires us about nature also has a dark side that is hostile. That is a human artifice. Go instead to the African savannah in the midst of lions and hyenas as you were born on this Earth.

Good luck! Perhaps the naturalist fools are just accepting their place in the universe and expressing their support for the evolutionary process. Tasty bit of irony there. I just want you to know that when I came to the end of this piece, I stood up and clapped.

I have EDS and was once handed a bottle of collagen supplements. I recently battled cancer that was caused by HPV. My team suggested two different kinds of chemo and radiation every M-F for 6 weeks. Holy hell was I ever wrong. If they told me that drinking a gallon of rancid donkey piss would have cured me I would have done it!

But what has helped? A long-term prescription for antibiotics and monthly steroid injections. Of course you make great points about modern medicine. Yes it is incredible, yes without it life would be terrible and short for many people. Rates of diabetes and heart disease have skyrocketed along with the spread calorie dense nutrient empty foods. I think anti-vaxxers etc. In sum, yes nature tries to kill us, but nature also gives us life even pharmaceuticals are often just extracts of fungi or plants that are sometimes further modified.

Nature does the same for every organism on this planet and always has. It is a lifestyle choice anyone can make. Completely irrelevant to the discussion. I know that for a fact because it worked for me. Inhaling enough smoke from anything, including cannabis, will definitely cause lung cancer in a statistically significant number of users.

Not getting killed crossing the road, picking non-poisonous things to eat, being alert to danger. Take care, but accept the vagaries of life. I LOVE this article. You know, I have hydrocephalus. His name was Reginald Hooper. Without his hands I would not be alive today. Natural medicine or witchcraft was never going to cure me. And I feel sick that people around me were praying I would get well.

You see im also an atheist although I was brought in the catholic church. For all you natural medicine proponents, you can take your mumbo jumbo voodoo hoodoo nonsense and shove it. Thank you and good day. First I wanna say it is nice to see you posting again.

I hope it made you feel better :. But he just went to a tattoo artist. I tried all the natural remedies. None worked. I recently discovered a medication to help with my restless leg syndrome and I am finally, after years of suffering from it, getting by on 7 hours sleep instead of needing 12 hours and a nap during the day. Everything in the physical world is in a constant state of furious battle for survival which ironically leads to inevitable destruction and decay.

Nature fuck