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The horn section consisting of Bill Ungerman on tenor sax, Jim Jediken on baritone sax and clarinet, and Javier Gonzales on trumpet swung hard enough that they would have made Jump blues pioneers Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris, and Tiny Bradshaw proud. Although Allen Stone looked like another pseudo-hippie burn out on Venice Beach, this Washington State born son of a preacher delivered a powerful set of gospel-inflected soul and country rock. Finally some actual jazz! Everyone was swinging hard and having true musical conversations. This was the real deal.

Playboy diane sax

Playboy diane sax

She'll wear it m light-hearted good taste as a chic reminder of your thoughtfulness. The Greek government of I'M 5 inherited a bankrupt nation, ami sonic means of raising funds had to be Playboy diane sax. Practically everybody, Paul Jones is great with people. The group is nowhere near the top of Playboy diane sax game, but it doesn't need to prove anything; and Bu ford's Love Without Jealousy, Johnson's Loire n' Trouble ami he instrumental Chicken Shack are solid Lines that make no in- ordinate demands on the listener, tono. His ugly mug alone is worth a lotl The fellow drinks, but — all Circumcised vagina pics people drink.

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In terms of drawing mammoth-size audiences for jazz, the Playboy Jazz Festival continues to be a terrific hit.

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Which goes to show Drexcl's never-ending desire to please you. See all The Big Ideas in furniture. Fashions by Gante KiHoatncfe lor leather Mooes. Many laymen regard Mr. Collin as m-ac herons and treasonable. The in- leryiew should help grcaity in clearing up misconceptions about ihe purpose and intent of men like him. It is refreshing to find a reaffir- mation of both politics and religion in ihe human understanding that Coffin exhibits.

The Rev. John M. Though I'm normally conservative wilh praise, I was totally taken by his views — especially on the Vietnam situation — and by his other humanitarian commitments, 1 sincerely hope that the Federal charges against him will ultimately be dropped, in order lhat he may continue io live Irccly and practice his convictions.

The interviewer's questions and Collin's replies merit high praise from both a jour- nalistic and a theological point of view. As the Michigan student staled, "We don't need a whole lot ol Reverend Col tins.

But we do need at least one. We need Bill Collins on the campuses, in the pulpits, in i he halls of Congress and on our streets, mingling with the great forgot ten masses. Hill gives the authentic witness, and stu- dents and ilic common people hear him gladly. As one who has some respon- sibility for the employment of men in ihe Christian ministry, I can say that if Bill ever tires of his present position at Yale, there will be beckoning opportuni- ties in the nation's capital.

C Your interview with William Sloane Collin is a great journalistic service. The communications media have contented themselves. Your interviews always manage to get behind the images and reveal something of how the interviewee really thinks. For many of your readers, this will be their first real con lad with Yale's controversial chaplain. Cofhn is a patriot. He is the best sort of patriot because he lecognizes that freedom is indistinguishable from the responsibility to ihink and lo be sensi- tive and responsive to what is happen- ing all around you.

The flag- wavers who accuse Collin of "treason" don't know what freedom is all about. Feier D. South Boston, Massachusetts I've been familiar with William Coffin's reasoning Tor some lime, since I count him among my close friends. So often material out of context is misunderstood. My own feeling about Bill is that he has never for a moment strayed from his vocation as a minister. S1S H.

Seagram's VO. I'awd BO". Known by the company it keeps. Since young people are particularly sensitive to anyone who is a phony. It's hard for some older alumni or Vale — and oilier institutions — to understand the present climate; but, as a Yale alumnus and one who has a sou there. Vale is growing in vitality but still remains a sane and orderly place. Coflin certainly lias had a hand in this.

I've often been at his house late in the eve- ning when the doorliell has rung and a student has come in to discuss a prob- lem. He's a good man. The Rt, Rev. Paul Moore, Jr. Suffragan Bishop Washington, D.

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Playboy diane sax

Playboy diane sax

Playboy diane sax. Porn Videos


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Gerald Kersh, T. Brown III. Ray Bradbury. Rich- ard Matheson. Ken Purdy, and many others. Though it was difficult choosing among them, the editors strongly and unanimously felt that Ken Purdy should receive the Bonus for his eminently entertaining October storv, The Book of Tuny.

A particularly fine crop of arti- cles, too. Herbert Gold. Ben Hecht. Eric Bentley. William Iversen, Charles Beaumont and several other illustrious gentlemen. Again, an embarrassment of riches confronted us: again, the decision of the editors was unanimous: to bestow the laurel on the brow of the man who wrote the passionate and penetrating essay on Chaplin in our March issue: Charles Beaumont.

Speaking of lop-calibre writing, there's a great deal of it in this kickoff issue of the new year. A few months ago. We hesitate to say it will lake its plate alongside such classic horror novelettes as The T urn of the Screw and The Strange Case of Or. Hyde, but its tone is strongly remi- niscent of that great tradition.

Our I Best Fiction author is repre- sented in this issue, too. Ken Purdy's Conversation Piece is another of his diabolic construc tions, a fit live ploy in dialog Form, as wickedly wise as any we've seen.

Herein, also, we offer two tightly-Written tales by Anton Chekhov, thanks to the ingenuity and translating skill of Ann Dunnigan. On the subject of literary giants, few have conquered readers and critics as forcefully as has Ernest Hemingway. We have collected some of his thoughts on life. From them emerges a philosophy of life as trenchant as his prose.

In addition to pursuing a productive literary career thirty-odd Inioks. For this festive holi- day issue, he declares his unabashed love for Caviar, the aristocrat ol gourmet de- lights, in as charming and informative a devotional essay as it's ever Ix-vn ac- corded.

And since this delicacy goes perfectly with the aristocrat ol vinicul- ture - champagne — we've coupled Bem- elman's magnum opus with an opus on what goes into a magnum: The Beauties of the Bubbly, by our own Thomas Mario. I lie duo should add to the gaiety of this New Year season. What else is new this January? Jules Feiffer. Green out- lines in photos and text the latest Eng- lish and Italian silhouettes.

A new slant on New Year's resolutions lists the pledges a flock of famous folk might wish they'd made last January. Comic Don Ricklcs. An enticing array of the newest in stereo equipment is on display for high fidelity fans. Before their un- wrapped beauty captivates your rapt attention, acce pt our wannest wishes lor a wish-fulfilled New Year.

Try this on for sizel Brazil, Domero, Mam bo No. A provocative musical experience. Brilliant, var- ied, and lots of itl DL DL Stereo Memorable movie themes and title songs, scored for a breathtaking new concept in sound and music. The lush sound of massed violins. OhIO ST. The PR Turntable. The arm is simple yet effective, with a mounting system which makes the unit relatively insen- sitive to shock and vibration.

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There is a new beauty here, loo. In the poem If You Hate a Mini, there is large and exhilarating sig- nificance. I he poem l. Also, 1 think the notion or bringing Sandburg to your readers is an immensely sound idea. Beverly Hills, California You are indeed to be congratulated for your creative publishing. And we remained enraptured all evening. Carl's poems are as good as ever. This is no surprise. But in all seriousness, 1 thought what a wonder- ful thing for you to have clone.

Not necessarily that you published Sand- burg, but that you knew instinctively that pretty girls, nice as they may be, never support a magazine.

In the long run, good poets are why people buy magazines. The girls are a divertisc- ment. I also thought of my friend Carl Sandburg who has covered the labor wars, written poems out of the agony of the Depression, given Lincoln to the American people — and now to have found publication among those delight- ful girls of yours. Ah, to be eighly-two- and-a-haU years old ar. It should happen to me. Last year 1 checked out his Pigskin Preview at the end of the season and couldn't believe that anyone could be that accurate in choosing the winners in a game as un- certain as football, as far in advance as he must have to work in order to meet the deadline of a monthly magazine.

But 1 dismissed it, figuring he'd simply lucked out. Now I'm looking over this year's predictions and playboy is the one and only publication that saw the Min- nesota powerhouse coming and pegged it as the season's long-shot winner.

In- credible. And who else would have had the guts to put little old Iowa State in the l op Twenty at the beginning of the season? You seem to know as much about football as you do about the in- door sports. Stuart K. OHiO ST.. VU SSA. MY SIN Let's face it, men — once in a while it pays to bow to convention. This is the Holiday season, and that means Eggnog season. So we propose that for this month only, you plan on having Bacardi Eggnog Parties.

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Playboy diane sax

Playboy diane sax

Playboy diane sax