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Spank modern humorist

Spank modern humorist

That's why I'm saying that I've spanked all three of my kids, and they aren't raised yet. Real smooth. That works with dogs, but it does not work very well at all with human beings, the only species with free will. Nikis writes: If a grown adult cannot come Cove nude party pic with a strategy for outwitting a 2 year old, that doesn't involve violence, maybe they shouldn't be looking after kids Spank modern humorist the first place. As my regular readers know, I am a certified heretic in my field: child and family psychology.

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On Friday, a Texas judge sentenced Rosalina Gonzales to five years probation and ordered her to take parenting classes, after she admitted that she spanked her child.

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So, here we go again with a typical posts parenting canard: proper discipline, which should indeed instill reasonably good emotional control into children as young as 4, turns children into unquestioning robots. I truly thought it had run its course. Now, in fairness, Pinker admits that these correlations do not prove a cause-effect relationship. But she is then quick to point out that a new study from the University of Texas, Austin, strengthens the argument that spankings actually cause future psychological and behavior problems.

It is interesting to note that a meta-analysis of fifty years of media coverage of spanking would certainly find that the mainstream media has been quick to publish any research that maligns spanking but has consistently turned a blind eye to research by credible, respected researchers like Diana Baumrind UC-Berkley and Robert Larzelere Oklahoma State finding that occasional, moderate spankings by loving parents operative conditions , is associated with not only better behavior but also improved psychological well-being.

Since they accomplish nothing, the behavior problems for which they are spanking continue to worsen. Second, as research finds and common sense confirms, disobedient children are not happy children. So, it makes perfect sense that researchers find that spanking is associated with both increased misbehavior and later mental health problems.

But that is not an indictment of spanking; not, at least, unless the researcher in question set out intending to malign it. They think authority is expressed by using proper consequences. So, they attempt to discipline by manipulating reward and punishment. That works with dogs, but it does not work very well at all with human beings, the only species with free will. Under the circumstances, behavior problems worsen, parental stress builds, and emotion-driven and therefore completely botched spankings become increasingly likely.

The conveyance of authority is accomplished via a proper attitude, not proper methods. The characteristics of the attitude in question — calm, confident composure — are universal leadership qualities.

That attitude is what causes a child to invest complete trust in his parents, even if they occasionally spank him. Click here to visit Rosemond's Web site, www. Her mother-in-law had suggested she talk to someone and Question: We held off giving our oldest daughter a smart phone until she was fifteen, the age at which we allowed her older brother to have one.

We read your column weekly in our hometown newspaper and know you As my regular readers know, I am a certified heretic in my field: child and family psychology. To the point, I am convinced that psychological parenting theory, which began to inform American child rearing in the late He says that As best as I can figure, Stern and his ersatz wife are Subscribe Subscribe Your email is safe with us.

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Spank modern humorist

Spank modern humorist

Spank modern humorist

Spank modern humorist. Orientation


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Spank modern humorist

Spank modern humorist