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List of the hottest models from India, as voted on by the Ranker community. Some have boosted their notoriety and success by appearing as well in films and TV programs in India, and are recognizable there as celebrities. A number of international models have gone on to find fame in the United States, sometimes continuing on in the fashion industry, but also going on to become entertainment personalities in their own right. Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron was originally a model from South Africa. Heidi Klum started her career as a participant in a national German modeling contest while still in high school, long before she became the host of "Project Runway.

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Share celebrity photos or facts. Beauty Pageant - every girl wants to be a winner! But it is very important to stand out from the crowd to catch the judge's eye - apart from being pretty of course! Talent routines in beauty pageants give the contestants a chance to exhibit their talents which have possibly not been discovered previously in the pageant. Thinking from the point of view of the contestants though, beauty pageant talent routine is the one chance where you get to be you, get to showcase the best in you, and leave the judges and the audience awestruck.

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OAHU HawaiiNewsNow - Hawaii's sex offender registry is meant to keep people safe by requiring convicted sex criminals to submit their address to an online database. But a Hawaii News Now investigation has revealed some alarming gaps in the system, including vague addresses and dozens of convicted sex predators living places where you hope children can be safest. According to the state's sex offender registry, Ala Moana Beach Park is listed as home to three convicted sex offenders. HNN found those cases without the help of the state Attorney General's office, which manages the sex offender registry. When asked how many homeless sex offenders are living on Oahu, the agency said it doesn't track that — or have any breakdown on which neighborhoods they choose.