Caught pantyhose stories-Pantyhose @ cousin's house not what u think. - fetish crossdressing

This is a true story of how my Mom feminized me as a teenager. She had caught me wearing her pantyhose the summer before seventh grade. I got the surprise of my life the first Sunday of junior high, when she started encouraging me to wear them -- Tracy. Sunday morning, Mom came in my room to pick out my clothes. She got out a nice shirt and dress pants from my closet, and then when she turned around, I saw she had a package of Osco Drug panty hose in her hand.

Caught pantyhose stories

Caught pantyhose stories

Caught pantyhose stories

Caught pantyhose stories

Another stoties of hose is good to have for a similar treat as the one in the shower, but now in dry mode. I don't remember how I got into pantyhose but I do remember my first orgasm in Motorized pussy which was also my first time having an orgasm altogether. I had accidentally read porn magazines, and even watched some of my dad's porn tapes Caight had collected over the years, so I already had a working knowledge of how things worked regarding sex, and I had developed my own fetish by the age of We played computer and board games together or hung out at the arcade at the mall. I had the covers pulled up but was wearing one of her silky white full slips, a pair of her Caught pantyhose stories soft Caught pantyhose stories Caughg a padded bra. He first started out touching me while we were in or out of range of anyone being around. My earliest encounter with wearing pantyhose occurred when I was about Back in my room, I took off the tee shirt and pxntyhose on my dress shirt, then slid my new slacks up my legs. I did the same with the other leg, stood up, then pulled them all the way up. She told me to stay the night and sleep with her.

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The outfit was a problem, though. My grandmother worked in a Caught pantyhose stories factory sewing nightgowns and would give my mother boxes of material to be used in projects. Caught Relaxing Pt. I knew what I wanted and I found them, stuffed them in my pants and made my way to the bathroom. As the end of the Facial rejuvenation costa rica approached, I prepared myself to discuss my plans with Mom. I said yes indeed. Keep your fingers crossed for me and thanks. The silky sensation of sliding my thighs together was way better than with regular tights and the visual appeal of the darker ring then the even darker top around my thigh top was eciting. Suddenly I felt a need to embrace my mother. One of my classmates, who also experimented, told me he was going to wear pantyhose to school the next day. So i waited till she got home but as soon as she pulled in i changed my mind and was trying to get it off before she came in. Michelle and I were born only a few months apart, she being older by just under Caught pantyhose stories months. Not so much the "cut up to here," but the "cut down to there" was a toughie.

Synopsis: Jamie is caught wearing his mother's pantyhose on the last day of school.

  • Someone wanted me to tell about my first time having sex.
  • I remember being at a friends house, and his mom used to put her son over her lap and rub his back with a soft brush as form of reward, it was like a soft back-scratch if u like.
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Our Stories. Sorry, you must log-in to share your story. If you are a registered member, please log-in. My obsession with pantyhose started when I was around five years old. I remember seeing a picture of a couple performing ballet. The male was wearing tights and I was intrigued. I thought that it would be fun to wear tights and if learning ballet was a way to wear them I would give it a try. I told my mom I was interested in taking ballet lessons and she gave a little laugh and explained that I was too young.

This was probably a good decision because by the time I was a teen I was 6'-0" tall, not very coordinated and weighed about lbs. I wore pantyhose the first time when I was about thirteen years old. I remember walking into the bathroom and seeing a pair of my mom's beige pantyhose hanging from the bath cutain rod. I just could not resist the temptation any longer! I locked the bathroom door, stripped down to nothing and slipped into the pantyhose.

By the time I pulled them up to my waist I had a raging hard-on. I grabbed my mom's Vogue, Cosmo and Glamour magazines and masturbated while looking at Berkshire and Hanes pantyhose advertisements and myself in the mirror. Oh what a fantastic feeling! When I was done I carefully took the pantyhose off, made sure they had no tell-tail stains and hung them back on the rod. This was so exciting, but I also felt a little ashamed. Evidently not ashamed enough, because I continued to wear pantyhose any chance I got until I was about sixteen.

To the best of my knowledge I never got caught by my mom or sisters wearing their pantyhose. I wonder what would have happened if my mom caught me wearing her pantyhose. There was one time when I was fourteen that I was at a friends house playing with Matchbox cars. His parents were not home. The next thing I know he leads me into his parents bedroom, pulls out his mom's lingere drawer and empties the drawer of pantyhose, girdles and bras onto their bed.

He then asked me if I would like to wear some of his moms lingere with him. Well I was quite excited about the thought of putting on her sheer beige pantyhose! I just could not do it! I believe I was afraid of dressing up and wearing lingere with this guy and what may have happened or just the possibility of getting caught by his mom in her pantyhose.

My friend seemed pretty disappointed and I guess if I wasn't going to put on any lingere he wasn't going to either. He carefully put the pantyhose, girdles and bras back in the drawer and we ended up back in the den and started playing with the Matchbox cars again as if nothing had ever happened.

I always wondered what would have happened if I had taken the chance and worn his mom's lingere! I didn't wear pantyhose after age sixteen and up until I got married. I do have alot of great memories of girlfriends wearing pantyhose when we would go out on dates.

I have been happily married to my wonderful wife for thirty five years. Right after we got married I started wearing pantyhose again when I was home alone. My wife did not know about my pantyhose fetish, although I think she may have been suspicious when she would open her pantyhose drawer and find her favorite hose missing.

I would occasionally buy pantyhose at Victoria's Secret or Macy's and it was always a thrill to have the saleslady help me pick out some pairs that I am sure she knew were for me! One night about one year into our marriage my wife and I were in bed. I was having a hard time trying to figure a way to let my wife know that I enjoyed not only her wearing pantyhose when we made love, but that I would like to wear pantyhose also. After what seemed an eternity I finally told her.

Initially she was shocked, but I believe she was truly concerned that there was something seriously wrong, and after finding out that this was only a pantyhose fetish she was relieved.

Next thing I know she goes to her lingere drawer and pulls out two pairs of pantyhose. She then tells me to put one pair on while she gets into the other pair of pantyhose. I am very fortunate to have a great wife who lets me indulge and encourages me in my pantyhose fetish, although primarily for bedroom liasons.

Just can't seem to get enough pantyhose sex! Thanks to Pantyhose Share Club for providing a great site that lets me enjoy my pantyhose fetish with others. The longer I indulge in my pantyhose fetish I realize that I have missed out on sharing a pantyhose experience with another man. Because of this I am changing my sexual preference from strait to bisexual.

It is fun to fantasize and communicate with other men and women on the PSC site about wearing, masturbating and having man on man sex!

If only I had dressed up in pantyhose and lingere with my friend when I was fourteen, I do believe we would of had a fantastic time of fondeling, frotting, mutually masturbating and who knows what else in pantyhosed splendor! When I was 12 my aunt caught me jacking off with her pantyhose in her room. I think it turned her on. She secretly had a pantyhose fetish of here own. She told me it could be our own little secret. She took off here dress to show me her pantyhose she was wearing.

We ended up in bed together touching each other for hours. She showed me where to rub her clit though here pantyhose. I remember her screaming as I rubbed her with my fingers. In turn she jacked me off with a pair of pantyhose.

I felt so good. My mom could never figure out why I loved going over to her house so much. On my 15th birthday my aunt told me she had a present for me.

She told me to wait in the living room and she would go get it. She came out wearing white shiny thigh high stockings and red heels. She told me to take off my clothes and sit back on the sofa. She put a condom on me and climbed on to of me. I remember the feel of her stockings against my skin as she put my penis in her vagina for the first time.

I remember sucking her tits while she thrusted up and down on me. Then I remember the warm feeling that came over me as we both orgasmed at the same time.

This was the first of hundreds of sexual encounters with her and a life long pantyhose fetish. I moved away when I was 20 and didn't see here for years. Last year on her 65th birthday I went to visit her. I didn't know how she would react to me after all this time. To my surprise we ended up in a motel room that night. She was wearing a dress and tan pantyhose.

She gave me a pair of Miss Naughty crotchless pantyhose to put on. She was wearing the same. I put them on and we began to kiss and touch each other. This time I didn't wear a condom and came inside her.

It was a wonderful experience. We are making plans to meet again and continue our pantyhose love affair. My first appreciation for pantyhose was when i saw the girls at school wearing pantyhose and skirts.

Of course i was only 8 so i didn't knew what exactly is that making me excited. Since the as i was getting older i always attracted by girls in pantyhose. The first time i tried them was at my 16 when my cousin she was 14 gave me to try a pair of hers. We were very close and she knew my appreciation for the pantyhose.

Also she always wore pantyhose. One night i had to escort her at a school dance. When i arrived at her home she was gorgeous at a black dress and a shinny white pantyhose. She asked me is it ok or should i wear a tan one? I said it's perfect. As we had some time we were at her room and talking about dressing etc.

I asked her how is it the feeling. She said they're so smooth. She asked me would you like to try them? Just for your curiosity. I was confused. She said please i would love to do this for me and tell me. I have a tan and a black pair for you.

Going home to mother was my biggest worry. She blows little kisses on his head and squeezes the nylon covered shaft gently in anticipation of the pleasure he is going to give her and get from her much later. I snuck the package into my room and later that night I carefully removed the wrapping paper. There was no better find as finding large boxes of these materials while helping organize and everything was simply right outside my bedroom door. My new gaf improved upon this by providing a pocket into which the penis was inserted, thus preventing it from slipping sideways.

Caught pantyhose stories

Caught pantyhose stories

Caught pantyhose stories

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I was confused. She said please i would love to do this for me and tell me. I have a tan and a black pair for you. Choose one. I said ok choose one for me. She gave me the tan. I asked her. Yes please.

I said your mother is at the other room. She said. You will change here, she's coming here and i will lock the door. Don't worry i will turn my back i will not watching.

I said ok. She said before you wear them take of your undies too. You must feel it all over. When i took off my clothes she started giving me instructions how to put it on. Finally when i finished the feeling of the silkness and the warmth is unbelievable.

She asked me. Well how is it? I said wow it's really nice indeed. She said may i see? I said no i'm naked. She said come on Johnny it's me your sweet Irene we don't have secrets and you must feel comfortable with me.

I said ok do it but don't laugh. I had turned my back. She turned around and said wow. You look perfect and spanked gently my butt. She said i always want to do this and she was blushed. Then she asked me to make a turn. I did it and she smiled. She told me. Thank you. May i hug you?

I let her hug me and said you're the first naked man i ever see. Then she asked me to escort her with the pantyhose on under my pants. I did it and when we returned at my home she asked me to see me again. I striped and she seated on me. Her dress was really high so i could see all her legs in the pantyhose and her white undies. I was getting hard as her pantyhosed legs rubbing on me. I said sorry i don't want it. She said wow it's nice. I never been again naked with a girl also.

She knew it. She said it's fine. I'm honoured if this is for me. I said yes you're a pretty girl dressed sexy. She said time to see my pantyhose. So she pulled down her dress. She was in a shinny seamless white pantyhose and a white thong white bra. I said oh my. You are a gorgeous girl. Thank you darling. Lets sleep today with our pantyhose on. But first there's an issue. I saw you at the dance you were watching the girl with the red skirt and the black pantyhose.

I said yes indeed. She was very pretty. I was jealous John. You were with my. Maybe i am your cousin but you were my something like my date. I said you're right sorry. I have to punish you naughty. What does that mean i asked. Come here and bent on my legs she said. I did it and i knew she always staring at my butt. She said mmm naughty boy and started touching my but and slapping gently. She said you have so cute ass. And looks so nice in the pantyhose.

I said thank you it's yours now. She said really? Can i use it as is wish. Yes Irene you can. So she was slapping it and occasionally she was fingering my butt. As she was doing this and my dick touched her pantyhose legs i was really hard.

She knew it and she told me to turn around. Oh love you look perfect. I said you created this. She said lets explore it this together. I feel so nice and safe with you. So i let her kissing me and touching me as i grabbed her tight ass. Let me take off my bra and panties. I would love to see me naked. I said yes please. But first let me do this. She pulled down my hose to the knees and asked me to turn around. She took off her bra and undies behind my back and putted on again her pantyhose.

She said now i'm ready. Pull on you hose and turn. She was perfect. Naked just in a shinny pantyhose. Small tits and a nice pussy. It was trimed. So the night was very interesting but the story will go too far. That night i have an orgasm in a pantyhose and so she. Incredible girl. From the dawn of my earliest memories I have always thought that I was meant to be girl.

Outwardly I was just a boy, lanky with freckles, better than average at baseball, ice skating and math but inwardly I felt I was a girl. As far as I knew at that time I was alone, unique, some kind of cosmic mistake. Gender dysphoric is the term I learned much later from reading psychology books at the library. I grew up with two sisters and from early childhood I was obsessed with what they and the girls at school wore. I would pour over Sears catalogs and my older sister's Seventeen and Vogue magazines under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to be sleeping.

I started wearing tights and panties when I was around seven or eight. I often wore them to bed too. They got put in the laundry every week and they always managed to appear clean and folded in my dresser drawer together with my regular boy underwear. I really admired how girls' legs looked especially in black tights and soon I had aquired a a pair of black Danskins that were also my sister's although I don't actually recall asking for them.

Sometimes I would wear them to school under my jeans, it just felt so right. I loved looking down at my legs after I put them on, seeing my knees shine through the fabric. I would sit in my desk at school and feel my tights under my jeans while looking at all the other girls' legs.

It made me feel like I was one of them. When I was around twelve my tights disappeared mysteriously from the dresser drawer without anyone saying anything. I guess my mom had concluded that I was getting too old for that and maybe it was a bit odd for a soon-to-be teenage boy wearing tights. By that point I wasn't about to stop.

I was hooked and so I had to start sneaking my dressup episodes instead, which perhaps added an extra thrill. Around this same time I my attention shifted from opaque tights to nylons. Some of the popular girls in my class had started wearing sheer tan stockings to school and I occasionally overheard them talking to each other about wearing them, much to my delight!

If one was alert it wasn't difficult to catch a glimpse of the darker reinforced top when a girl squirmed in her seat or jumped rope at recess. Even my sisters had started wearing them to church. The sheerness and sheen mesmerized me. I would daydream about girl clothes and especially nylons all the time at school and at night I would study all types of garter belts and girdles in the Sears catalogs.

I was anxious to try on my first pair but I had to wait for the right circumstance. My sisters had apparently gotten instructions from mom about how to care for their stockings because they started washing them by hand on Sunday evenings in the upstairs bathroom sink and hanging them on the shower curtain rod to dry. This gave me the opportunity to try them on when I was going to take a bath.

This went on for a while and I really loved the new sensations that the nylons provided. The silky sensation of sliding my thighs together was way better than with regular tights and the visual appeal of the darker ring then the even darker top around my thigh top was eciting.

It is worth pointing out however that this was still before I had made the erotic connection with wearing girl clothes.

Pantyhose were around then but they hadn't become so popular yet. I had seen ads for Little Secrets and other brands in my sister's Seventeen Magazines but my sisters still were wearing opaque tights and only once in a while stockings to church. With nylon stockings came the need for some way to hold them up. When I tried them on in the bathroom I just held them up with my fingers but soon I wanted to try some of the things that I knew the girls at school were wearing and I had studied in the Sears catalog.

It wasn't long before I was "borrowing" a cream colored elastic garter belt from my older sister's lingerie drawer and I learned how to use metal clasps with proficiency.

My younger sister had a pair of baby blue semi sheer lace pettipants. The snug waist band was like a garter belt and the shiny metal garters hung down on elastic tabs inside the legs and tickled my thighs when I wore it. The loose fitting legs came down to mid thigh and ended in rows of white lace. I remember how absolutely fascinated I became, staring in the full length mirror at my suntan nylon covered legs disappearing up under the edge of the pettipants and seeing the darker reinforced stocking tops through the translucient lacey material.

I recall watching myself in the full length mirror on the closet door while slowly sliding up the cuffs to adjust and readjust the garter clips again and again. Around this same age I also started giving in to the urge to dress completely as a girl, even trying a little lipstick and perfume when possible.

Previously I had been mainly interested in tights and panties but now I was also getting into shoes and dresses. When I was home alone which was quite often I would dress up and wistfully gaze at the cute girl in the mirror. I was always very disappointed or shall I say melancholy when I had to take off the clothes that I loved wearing and carefully put everything back where I had taken it from. I remember being green with envy that my sisters and other girls could wear girl clothes all the time.

Once when I was sitting on the edge of my bed looking at myself in the mirror and crossing my legs back and forth I suddenly became light headed and dizzy. I felt like I was going to faint. A wave of incredible electricity surged through my body and I felt a pleasure that seemed to be connect my head to my little cock.

My ears rang and my legs shook for what seemed like several minutes. After the sensation subsided I felt a gooey wetness and I was filled for the first time with a morbid feeling of guilt and shame which only intesified when I glanceded at my image in the mirror. As I quickly undressed I discovered the warm sticky mess in my sister's panty girdle. I vowed to myself that I would never dress up in girl clothes ever again. That vow hardly lasted till the next day though.

Well you all know how that goes. Soon I was making love to that long legged girl in the mirror on a regular basis, even though it usually ended with feelings of shame. All this time I thought I was being so careful putting all the clothes back again, folded properly and in the right place but how could a thirteen year old kid possibly keep it all together?

In retrospect I realize that my sisters must have noticed some clothes out of place or wrinkled or missing. Once just before Christmas I was looking at all the presents under the tree and I spotted one particular package addressed from my aunt to my oldest sister. By the dimensions of the package I knew it had to be a pair of nylons. I was so jealous! I snuck the package into my room and later that night I carefully removed the wrapping paper.

I was super excited to see it was a package of smokey grey stockings and that they had a very appealing shimmer! I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't help myself, I undid the sticker holding the plastic sleeve closed and slid them out. They felt incredible to the touch and I immediately knew that I had to try them on.

Who was I to stand in the way of destiny? I took them off the white cardboard and slid one onto my arm to roll it up. This was the first pair of brand new stockings I had ever touched and I was spellbound.

My older sister was fifteen at the time and when I think about it now I can't imagine why my aunt would buy such adult looking nylons for such a young girl. They were soon gracing my thirteen year old slender legs and they looked and felt sensational on me!

All good things must come to an end and after admiring the shimmery sheen in the glow of my nightlight for as long as possible I reluctantly slid them off. I did my best to repackage them as they had been, folding them carefully over the white cardboard and sliding them into the plastic sleeve.

The little sticker looked a little scratched but not too bad. Then I rewrapped them in the Christmas paper and ribbon. The next morning I snuck the package back under the tree thinking no one would be the wiser.

You ladies out there would certainly be able to tell if you opened a package of a "new" nylons that had been worn wouldn't you? Of course you would! When we all opened our presents a few days later on Christmas I tried not to pay attention when my sister opened that package but I may have blushed.

I'll never know for sure if someone had figured out what I had been up to but it wasn't too long after the holidays that I got caught. One evening it was announced that my sisters were going to my Grandma's across town to help her with something or other, my parents were going to drive them and they'd be gone for some hours. I waited until the car left the driveway and then went straight for the room my sisters shared.

I remember I opened the bureau drawer and selected a pink satin panty girdle with 4 garters. It had a little satin rose on the waistband and I had worn it several times before.

I rumaged through their stocking drawer, looking for the grey ones but I couldn't find them. In fact I never saw them again after that Christmas. I settled for a pair of long sheer navy blue nylons, Cantrece II as I recall, strange how those details stick in one's memory.

I also chose a little filmy beige bra. In their closet I took a white blouse and a navy blue pleated skirt to complete the outfit. I started with the panty girdle, it was very snug and kept everything in place. I sat on the bed and rolled up one of the navy blue stockings and slid it up my leg being careful not to snag or pull too hard. It was really long anf the dark blue reinforced top came just about all the way up to my bottom. My older sister sometimes wore these to church and I would try hopelessly not to stare at her legs during the sermon.

I couldn't help but think about how nice sheer navy blue looked on her sun-tanned legs and I wondered how they would look on mine. Well, I checked myself in the mirror and they looked HOT! I remember how I especially liked to watch in the mirror as I attached the garters in back. It gave me a special thrill, looking deep into my eyes in the reflection while my fingers were doing something secret, perhaps naughty behind me The sheer beige bra which belonged to my younger sister came next. I had learned how to do the hooks behind me.

I usually made an effort to not get too carried away during the process of getting dressed. From experience I had learned that there was the real risk I might cum spontaneously which would put an immediate end to fun. I buttoned up the blouse and put on the pleated skirt, fastened the hooks at the waist, trying to avoid touching myself or looking in the mirror too much before I was completely dressed.

Girls at that time were wearing ballet slippers as everyday shoes. Not like toe shoes but regular practice dance slippers, you know the type soft black leather with a simple elastic strap over the instep. My sisters were no different, they wore them all the time.

I found a pair in the closet that I had worn before. I was sitting there on the edge of the bed putting on one of the slippers when I heard to my shock and horror, footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement! It must be my father! I thought for sure he had left in the car with my mom and sisters but now it seemed he had stayed with the intention of catching me in the act.

I bolted into the closet and closed the door behind me just as he came into the room. There I was in the darkness, surrounded by the clothes that I knew all too well and the scent of perfume, heart beating like a dove, trembling with anticipation and fear, a thousand thoughts of shame and guilt mixed with the incredible sensations of wearing my sisters' clothes He opened the door to the closet and the light flooded in.

My cheeks were burning with shame and thought I would cry but I couldn't. A short involuntary sob was all that came out of me. I wanted to hide but the impulse to cover myself seemed futile. I felt my knees shaking. He slowly looked me up and down. In the midst of my humiliation and shame a little tiny candle inside of me wondered if he didn't also think that I looked nice.

If he did he sure didn't show it. In fact he didn't say a single word nor did his expression show that he was disgusted. After what felt like an eternity he turned and left the room and I heard him go back downstairs to his workshop.

I stood there trembling for what seemed like hours, afraid to move. Eventually I got ahold of myself and as I got udressed I knew that he could hear my every move through the floor it squeaked when you walked on it.

After putting everything away I went straight to bed and cried myself to sleep. I never wanted to wake up again.

I don't recall what the next few days were like, I've probably repressed the memories. I will say this though, we never spoke about it I'm guessing he thought that I was so ashamed I would never do it again. If so he was definitely wrong. It wasn't long before I was making love to that cute girl in the mirror again!

I don't remember how I got into pantyhose but I do remember my first orgasm in pantyhose which was also my first time having an orgasm altogether. I had found a pair of suntan sheer pantyhose and put them on. The feel was amazing and I got a hard-on.

I grazed over by accident and it sent me to the floor in bliss. I grabbed it and after about 3 strokes, I came and just laid there on the floor in bliss. That was when I was in 6th grade. I wore them to school a few times and never got caught. My story starts as I was introduced to maybe something a young male wasn't supposed to be. I had a male family member who was a closet crossdresser. He first started out touching me while we were in or out of range of anyone being around.

He would have me be naked and feel up my little cock to get me hard. After I seemed to get comfortable with him jacking me off he would start giving me blow jobs. I had no prior experience with sex other than kissing a girl. After a few times of him feeling me up and sucking my cock he started dressing me in women's close.

He had a lot of things that he had accumulated from his mom, sister and various other family members. I thought that this was all good and enjoyed being dressed in panties, slips, heels and of course pantyhose. I started sucking his cock and fingering his ass as well.

After a couple years of him treating me as his little play toy I decided that this was not right and told him so. It then stopped. I went on with life as nothing of the sort had ever occurred. This did not last very long as I longed for the feel of pantyhose on my legs , feet and cock.

I started swiping pantyhose from my mom and sister. I would wear them every chance I could to jerk off in as I could not resist the feel of pantyhose. All throughout my years as a teen and into my adult years I have hidden my secret for the love of crossdressing until I recently came out to my wife who I have hidden this secret from for 17 years. I will go ahead and continue. This was an absolutely exhilarating experience. We stopped on a back road and I got out in the road with headlights on me whilst she took photos.

So exciting I just went back to looking at some of the pics of this last outing and had to put on the same outfit. Well I got all worked up and started thinking about days gone by an low and behold, shot a nice creamy load in my hose.

Now I'm gonna have to clean it up, yummy I remember my obsession with pantyhose started when I was 10, I liked to look girls who had pantyhose on, but I didnt feel the necesity of trying them on.

During that time I had some girlfriends, and some of them wore tights instead the knee high socks they had to wear, even there was one who wore black and nude pantyhose with the knee socks, and I really loved that from her. After a while, my I began to want something higher than knee high socks, then I got into a football team, and I had to wear over the knee high, and I loved to have them on, but after another while I wished something higher. Also, I had some girlfriends who wore pantyhose, and I really loved when they wore with shorts or mini skirt.

Actually, I still wear pantyhose under my pants, because Im too shy to show my pantyhosed legs, only in Halloween I them, but when Im home alone, I wear them with just a shirt.

My girlfriend dressed up as a cat, with a mini skirt, long gloves, black pantyhose and over the knee boots. After the party we went to her house, where we made a few things, and we went to her room to Kiss.

She began to caress my legs, and told me that she liked my legs in tights, and that they looked sexy. We played with our legs, and we had sex.

My pantyhose wearing lifestyle began when I was I had a few memorable experiences with the 17 year old sister of my best friend.

She overheard me talking about her pantyhosed legs that I drooled over every time I saw her in her school uniform. One day she came home and I was crushed, Pam had removed the worn blue opaque pantyhose and was barelegged!

I knew Pam was aware of my disappointment. She called me to her room and gave me the surprise of my life. She was waiting for me wearing a fresh pair of sheer suntan pantyhose that exposed her silky blonde bush,my first! The cum she couldn't swallow drooled down soaking her brand new pantyhose. After going to the bathroom to clean up,Pam led me to her bedroom door so I could sneak out.

Before I left she handed me a brown paper lunch sack that contained her blue uniform tights and the cum soaked pantyhose from our first encounter! I can still remember the scent of her sweaty pussy mixed with the aroma of my sticky jizz even though it was many,many years ago. That day started my vast collection of tights and pantyhose. This is the first time I have written about my pantyhose fetish and It all started at a very young age.

I had no idea it was a fetish until I was doing research in criminal justice and the study of Paraphilias. It was a relief to find out what it was and attach a name to it as I could now explain and understand the obsession far better and explain it to others if I ever needed to.

My journey with pantyhose is quite amazing now that I look back on it and I am now in midlife , coming out to share that story with others who have the same obsession. So put on your favorite pair of pantyhose, grab a coffee, and settle in as this is a long one. I blame this whole pantyhose fetish on my dear mother. My very first interest in pantyhose was marked at a very young age of maybe three or four years old, as I know I was not in kindergarten yet and my family lived in a small apartment in town before my father built our house.

It was a small event but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was playing on the floor with toys and my mother stepped over me and I noticed she had no panties on under her pantyhose. My family were evangelicals that had strict rules to be part of the church. Women were not allowed to wear pants but only dresses. They also were not allowed to have bare legs so all of them would wear pantyhose, as tights were not yet popular.

But seeing my mother this way left a mark on my small mind. Also my grandmother was of the same belief system and so I had a long time exposure to hose but never tried any on or felt them.

My mother was very rule breaking when she could be and would do small things to make waves in both dress and looks, pushing the envelope concerning Church dress code. She had a large collection of outfits she would wear and dress up for my dad when they would go out to eat or attend functions not associated with the church. She did all of this within the boundaries, but would raise eyebrows. My mother was a very prod person and once had her own money, job, and car but gave it all up to be a stay at home mother when she married my father.

When I was eight I got my own room. I was super proud and so were my parents when they presented it to me. They worked hard to fix it up for me and for the first time I had privacy. They bought be a Science book collection and it was in the reproductive section in the R book that I seen my first vagina.

We moved to the farm to help my uncle. My father worked hard in a foundry but it closed down and he needed work. My uncle needed help milking cows.

So we rented out our house and moved to the farm. We lived with my Aunt and Uncle and had a great time on the farm. My uncle was a porn collector and had a stack of Playboys right by the toilet. I wondered what what might be in those magazines and took a look. I was amazed at how beautiful the women were and their bodies made me have my first erections. My mother suspected what I was doing as I would lock my self in the bathroom all to often.

She told me not to look at them but did not have them removed as that is where my uncle liked to keep them. My aunt, maybe in retaliation, had a large stack of Play Girl magazine on the other side.

Out of curiosity I did leaf though those also, but it was the women in stockings or nude that caused my sexual arousal. After a few years my uncle shut down the farm and we moved back to our home. I got my room back and I was now ten and was hooked on women. Being in an evangelical home I had no stacks of magazines to leaf though, so I was stuck with the Sears catalog lingerie section, my Science encyclopedia "R" book and the gorgeous women in my mind from my Uncle's magazine pile.

I discovered I was good at drawing and so I started to draw nudes by tracing the drawing from the science book and combining them with tracings from the catalog. I would hide all of these drawings in my little desk under other papers to keep them from my parents. One night after a day of drawing and thinking about all those sexy women I was feeling my erection and all of a sudden I had my first orgasm.

It felt super good and made a mess. As weeks passed I was spending a lot of time in my room drawing. My parents did suspect something I think but respected my privacy and allowed me to have a hook lock on my door and would knock. But I am sure there was a few times I would find the drawings missing as mom possibly tossed them because I might have left them laying out.

She never brought it up. Then one day I got the mail. When I got the mail I realized that in the stack of bills and papers was a Fredric's of Hollywood magazine. Gorgeous girls were on the front, and I was surprised. I leafed though it and found the lingerie section. There I see beautiful women in pantyhose and stockings and even a body-stocking with it advertised and convenient crotch. I closed up the magazine and put it in the stack for mom and dad and never seen it again, but I wondered where it went.

So when my parents were not home one day I went searching. I checked their shelving looking where they might have hid the Frederick's of Hollywood Magazine, and under a stack of other clothing magazines I found a large stack of Frederick's going back for some years. I leafed though the pile and tried to keep everything in order so they would not suspect I was snooping. I would take the magazines and lay them out and have a fun time masturbating to the gorgeous women in pantyhose, body-stockings, and lingerie.

I would carefully put them all back where I found them and was super happy to get the mail after school each day to check for the monthly Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. I then later though I could sneak a few pages of the older issues of the Frederick's of Hollywood s magazine and they would never know. I would cut out the pages and then the models then put them in a folder they I kept hidden.

I had a fairly large collect of pantyhose images all to myself now and loved it as long as I kept everything on the down low.

Until mom found my folder and knew I was collecting. I got a talking to about snooping but nothing major. The stack of goodies was moved and I had nothing but a memory and some real badly draw images. Then I found out what I realize now, that dad had a pantyhose fetish. I went to find the Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs, they had to be some place. I looked everywhere and found my mothers lingerie, three drawers full of sexy pantyhose, body stockings, convenient crotch body stockings, and bras.

I got weak in the knees. I also found pantyhose with the crotch cut out by scissors along with lube and condoms. It appeared that mom and dad were having a great time.

But the find was awesome but a bit disturbing to me as a kid on what my parents were up to but I now realize my dad is one luck guy. I now realize why mom, on days dad had off from work, would be dressed mornings in leotard exercise outfit. Mom did not exercise with videos as the church did not allow television in homes of members.

Mom would just seem to wear these tight spandex and leotard outfits for dad. One time at Christmas I thought it strange that mom wore this outfit while decorating the tree. Very it was very sweet of mom now that I look back on it. Also when going out to eat I would notice mom wearing colored pantyhose and tights to match her outfits and shoes. At an early age I could see my mother loved being classy and fashionable.

She had a large collection of heels, purses, and other clothing that would push the envelope a bit with the church but not go completely overboard. I believe that would buy her the sexy outfits and my mom would get to pick the classy and mix them together to be a bit proud and show off a bit for my dad and to make other women jealous of what she could get away with. It was then that I found the best stash of all.

My younger sister needed a larger bedroom so my parents decided that they should redo a room in the top floor in the attic to expand my sister's room. Dad worked super hard and made it quite nice. They let me draw on the walls as by now I was taking art classes and it was fun designing my own room. I now had a full blown pantyhose image fetish and had a folder full of cutouts from many types of magazines and basically any images of nice pantyhose legs I could find.

The attic outside my room was also used for storage. Mom saved everything. She loved to sew and thought she would save her old pantyhose to stuff pillows with. My grandmother worked in a lingerie factory sewing nightgowns and would give my mother boxes of material to be used in projects. There was no better find as finding large boxes of these materials while helping organize and everything was simply right outside my bedroom door. My fetish completely blew up.

This was the first time I actually seen many different types of pantyhose and wondered what they would feel like if I tried them on. By now I was about fourteen with raging hormones.

I noticed with my hand that some felt softer them others depending on the materials. I swiped a soft pair and put my hand inside the leg and spread out my hand, the soft sheer was amazing.

I got an erection and became weak in the knees immediately. I needed to try them on. I took them out of the box and went to my bedroom and slipped them on. They felt so soft and the feeling was amazing. I felt my legs as the soft sheer material engulfed and hugged me.

My erection pushed up against the soft material and the feeling was amazing. I was hooked. That box was huge and there was no telling just how many pairs or what types where in there.

I would have to go though it. My knees shook just thinking about it. I rolled up the pantyhose and hid them in my drawer with my pantyhose image folder under some papers.

I needed a day with lots of time. Sunday afternoon was made by the Lord for napping, and as evangelicals we had to be quiet and respect the Lord's day. When we were young we were not allowed to play with our toys or ride bikes, but that all changed as we got older and mom and dad lightened up on the rules. Once the house was quite one Sunday not to long after my big find, I quietly took the big box of pantyhose into my room, and not making to much noise, went though all the pairs that were in this box of heaven.

It seemed where was all kinds of pantyhose that were collect over the years maybe not only from Mom but other also who wanted to donate to my mother's crafting project. I then tried on different pairs testing which ones felt better on my legs and erection and which ones were scratchy. I layered some, and others I stretched out. I encased myself in the goodness. I made piles of ones I would keep and ones I would not. What I put back was far less then it had been and would be noticed and how would I hide the large keep pile I had.

I found a duffel bag I was not using and stuffed the pantyhose in and every night before been had a great time with my images and pantyhose masturbating. I next had to go though the soft silky lingerie scrap box. From what I could feel it also made be weak in the knees and in my horny teen mind the two would feel great together.

So one Sunday afternoon I quietly snuck in the large lingerie box to go through it. It was amazing. Large sections of soft silk material, sections of laced material made from spandex and nylon, and other amazing materials.

I pull out everything and felt it with my hands and rubbed and stretchered the materiel over my raging erection to find out what I liked best and like the pantyhose I made two piles and placed them all in my fetish bag under my bed. Later that night I had the best masturbation session I ever had. I put on the best feeling pantyhose and loosely over top a large silky piece of fabric. I gently rubbed my hard erection with the silk while having the clipped images of pantyhose legs and women all laid out.

The feeling of the silk against the pantyhose was so amazing and created one of the best sensations I have ever felt. The slick softness of the silk material over the sheer pantyhose on my penis and testicles were like heaven as I slowly rubbed up and down, sitting with my legs open on the floor, imagining my erection thrusting into the women in the image on the floor, with the open crotch body-stocking, with her nylon clad legs wrapped tightly around me.

I sat still for about five minutes in the afterglow. Then I stared to feel a bit guilty. This was a problem I would work though many times until I understood my paraphilia some years later and simply accepted it.

In this guilt I would take the fetish collections to the burn pile and destroy it all. But then go back, as their was no stopping , nor forgetting the sexual gratification pantyhose caused. In high school I was in sports that allowed me to wear tights with my uniform to keep warm while running in cold weather. I enjoyed wearing them as I could secretly enjoy my fetish without raising suspicion.

This collection and purge sadly happened a few times and looking back I lost a lot of great fetish items. I do hope you enjoyed this introduction. If you enjoyed this please let me know. It was great meeting you all and I do hope we can interact in some way. This has worked for me and I promise, it is making for countless hours of pleasure and total absence of boredom even in the lonely otherwise unattractive environment of hotel rooms that all look alike in not the best way.

It is a mental battery charger for your job out there too. I am as straight a guy as they get, so I prefer that my mind can easily fade away to an imagination of Alicia and I doing together, and she doing with me what I am right now doing alone. I am also a guy with a sensitive skin and a love for sensing skin, admittedly my play may well have advanced this feature in me. It allows for variety too, as I will come to explain. Over time, I have found that there are two outstanding brands of pantyhose that offer the best sheer luxury hosiery: Fogal from Switzerland and Wolford from Austria.

They discontinued even their next best called Madison. Now, the best hosiery I know is Naked 8 from Wolford, an 8-denier sheer from toe-to-waste, which is elastic with my fast growing excitement and robust for the variations of play I usually have in mind. It does not reach the level of elegancy in its fabric on the legs and finish on the waistband, but the material is actually better than the Granada for my very special purpose.

So, they may be forgiven. If price matters, the Naked 8 is best value. When I get to the hotel, I will settle into the room, unpack my stuff and then take a shower to wash off the travel or the meetings from earlier in the day.

Sometimes, the hosiery will have been in intense use during earlier evenings on the same trip and may need washing. Since it takes a whole night for them to dry properly, the shower at the start is a good opportunity to get that done in time. And washing hosiery can get very exciting indeed: I would use some water and moisturizing cream on my member before to bring it to proper attention and completely clean off the day-smell.

It is unbelievably arousing to move my very happy best friend around inside the hose, down the left leg, let it come up again by itself which means very slowly , then over to the other side, down the right leg, and slowly back to repeat this wonderful circle any number of times. Wet pantyhose gets somewhat sticky and if dry pantyhose already sits tight and smooth on your skin, try the wet way! The nylon sits tight and sheer as a true second skin clinging to his head all around.

There will be some resistance from the tight fit but also the weight of the wet hosiery which you can reduce by moving your fingers up a bit and pull ever so gently on both sides of the head.

When you have managed to get to the end of this first round, prepare for the second by very slowly pulling the nylon leg all the way off again. I always prefer to pull up and also to the sides to make this last and to reach everywhere with the sensations. By now my friend is so hard and excited that my pulling will be met with his attempt to keep the hosiery on, which only intensifies his experience. Which it does. It does feel better with every round!

You may want to add one of my favorite play variations: When half way into the nylon leg, hold on to the hose at the shaft and maybe one foot above the head and pull the resulting nylon tube up and down over the head. Pull in all directions to give intense sensations to your friend, pull slow and fast, up and down, left and right.

Fold part of the leg around your cock head or shaft to provide a double layer, then pull this away to the side and continue with your own imagination. By now, things have gotten so intense that your instincts will begin to take over. Round three and four, or as high a number you like will be the washing round. With your member as a long and rigid rack you put shampoo or shower gel on and rub it into the nylon inch by inch, again all the way in and out for your friend, then the next leg and of course the sheer panty part with the waistband.

By the way, I forgot to mention: keep the shower on while you play to feel comfortable with warm water caressing your body. I often give myself the relief after this, and with a few wonderful strokes I get to the point of spraying the shower all over with my own juices. Only Alicia can do such wonders and build such orgasm for me.

Putting on a pair of pantyhose can be a very erotic view when Alicia does it and knows that I am watching and enjoying.

Her legs are gorgeous anyway and the nylon is like the icing on a very delicious cake. So when I put on a pair, memory fades away to that view and some of the sex we have had with nylon involved. Which puts my member straight back to full attention. Beginning by letting down the soft hosiery over him and covering his body just leasurely causes me to shiver in expectation.

Alicia sometimes begins the night with a very sheer stocking that she playfully puts over him and ever so slowly brings down on him all the way in full view for me to see him shine through the fabric.

She blows little kisses on his head and squeezes the nylon covered shaft gently in anticipation of the pleasure he is going to give her and get from her much later. My sparkling imagination and memory of Alicia putting the transparent hose over her toes, adjusting the seam of the non-reinforced stocking along the tip of her beautiful red-nailed toes and wiggle them into position, then pulling the nylon up over her delicate foot, then doing the same with the other leg focuses me entirely on the feeling of the fabric when my feet and legs get nylon clad this evening.

It's the feeling not my looks, obviously the latter can't compete with the view in my mind right now. She continues with carefully pulling up both nylon legs on her slim but muscular calves, then, with her long leg stretched up and out, she pulls the hose all the way to the thigh, in small circular movements. Its one of those views from heaven. Male heaven maybe, but then she clearly enjoys herself and seems to be in control of the place. I have learned to do it all as my seducing wife does, she has even done it on me, and the dreamy memory paired with the actual feeling works well, promise.

The last bit is the part where my cock and his expecting head is entering the hose again, which is where it is important to have the right brand and size of the hosiery, with some consideration for the male anatomy. I am pulling the pantyhose up over him, adjust it to my waist and stroke and squeeze him a bit, then go over my legs to charge up with the special nylon electricity that the Naked 8 provides like few if any other pantyhose.

When Alicia and I first played, one of the things to find out was that the hose is a trap of sorts, wonderfully soft and erotic with every aspect of the arousal exposed and accessible to the partner, but still a trap. One can tease and play, but I can't get out and she can't let me in and I can't give her the full attention she deserves in various other ways either. When we cut it out and Alicia guided my friend to freedom, I quickly realised that something was different: there he was standing up well and very excited and Alicia liked the excitement.

Not perfect, but perfect in a different way. She did the measurement by taking my friend's smiling head between her lips sensing the difference before and after letting it out through the hole where the crotch was.

This became my first sensual nylon "torture" rubbing him there between her soft skin and the nylon fabric for a long time and having Alicia's hand squeeze and caress him as well. If you want to try the special crotch effect use a razor blade to work on the crotch.

However, there is another way, which keeps your travel hosiery intact and still gives you similar pleasure. I will come back to that. If you want to try oil or cream inside the nylon skin, you will love that too. Inevitably, that leads to the next round of washing though! Here I am on the bed with lights dimmed and my head full of these memories. I let my creamy friend move down inside the legs of my exquisit hosiery I am wearing and explore the skin-nylon experience.

When he is down there as far as it goes, I rub the other nylon covered leg over him which resembles my rubbing Alicia's nylon buttocks when we are both wearing. The cream or oil turns this all into very arousing soft teasing and keeps him fit for hours without irritating the skin of his fine head from all too much excitement.

Another pair of hose is good to have for a similar treat as the one in the shower, but now in dry mode. I cover my member and my balls completely inside the long leg of the pantyhose, but not before having pleased him with many on and off rounds and rubbing his head intensely in the "tube" you already know about. Finally, I use the other leg to pull a tight lock around the base of his shaft and my scrotum. This gives a similar effect as the open crotch on his stiffness. Unfortunately, there is little to replace Alicia The next round will bring me closer, and then closer.

This is the wonderful end of a long nylon evening full with memories and thoughts of my wonderful sexy wife and the difference she could make here. In this case second best is not bad at all though and the night that comes will give me the best sleep, either in the hosiery or not if it got too juicy. I hope you like this story, which is as real as they get and I wish you nylon fun whenever you can get to it.

I have been drawn to pantyhose for as long as I can remember. She was always dressed elegantly including pantyhose. The scene where she waded into a swimming pool fully dressed to rescue Superman made me curious about what it would feel like to do that in soft, flowy clothes like she had on.

A couple of years later we were at my friend's house and playing hide and seek. When I was looking for him I found him in his closet pulling on a pair of his mother's pantyhose that he had found in the garbage. I was about to ask him if I could try them on when his mother came in and mildly scolded him for taking them. There were also many times when I was young that I would deliberately play on the floor near my mother or cousins when they were wearing pantyhose and would "accidentally" brush against them.

My first time wearing happened a couple of weeks after I noticed my sister wearing a cute outfit with a blue blouse, black leather skirt, and black pantyhose at church. I tried not too look, but I couldn't stop myself from looking over at her. My friends were having a sleepover in my basement and things drifted over towards a game of truth or dare. I basically dared myself to go into my sleeping sister's room upstairs and grab a pair of underwear from her drawer to bring back down.

My friends all thought that she was hot so they seemed okay with that. I sneaked upstairs past my parent's bedroom and up to her doorway. I slowly opened the door and was sure that the creaking of the door hinges would have waken everyone up.

My heart pounding, I crawled across the floor to her dresser and reached up for the top drawer. I pulled it open and rummaged through it by feel. Cop Town Girl Ch. Does Penny solve the crime and find love. The Job Interview Job Interview takes an interesting turn.

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Feminine Fate Fulfilled Eighteen-year-old boy gets in touch with his feminine side.

Flickr: Discussing Caught By My Mom in Have you ever been caught in just your lingerie?

This was when I was a teenager. I came home from school,and took my clothes off. Always my mom was 90 minutes after me getting home.

I went into my mom's bedroom. I put on a pair of her panties, one of her bras, a pair of her No Nonsense pantyhose, and a pair of her high heeled sandals. I topped it off with complete makeup, and her pearl necklace, earrings, and bracelet. I decided to walk throughout the house.

After doing this awhile, I went into the basement to walk on the concrete floor to hear my high heels clicking. I walked around awhile. Our house had a telephone in the hallway leading to the outside door. I pretended I was talking on the phone as I walked up and down that hallway. I did this for awhile. Still talking away, I walked back up the hallway and into the laundry room. As I turned the corner into the laundry room, I walked smack in front of my mom who was only 6 feet away walking toward me!!

She shrieked, then looked again. She said "whenever you are done come upstairs to talk to me" She went back up. I waited 10 minutes. I had no male clothes down there, so I walked upstairs enfemme, my high heels making loads of noise on the stairs. As I enetered the upstairs my mom said "I'm in the livingroom come here". I said "Ok, as soon as I change clothes.

Come here now. Needless to say you have lots of explaining to do. I was caught in my mom's one piece bathing suit with a small boner. She never scolded me. Later in life she told me that she liked it. I made a similiar experience at the age of She found out and was not amused.

My mom walked in on me checking myself out in her full length mirror when I was a teenager. I was wearing one of her white 34D bras with water balloon falsies , a pair of her white lace and satin briefs, a lacy slip, and a pair of black heels. I was also fully erect, with a cute little tent pole poking up thru the panties and slip. I thought mom was at work, but she had spilled coffee on her dress and come home to change. She had come into the house thru the laundry room door, where she had taken off her dress, and I hadn't heard her.

As I was admiring myself in the mirror I heard a gasp, my heart rate went up to about 1,, and as I turned I heard mom say "Charlie!!! I wanted to crawl under the bed, into a hole, anywhere to get away, but I was caught. Needless to say, my erection was quickly a thing of the past! She walked into the room and gave me a swat on the ass with her open hand, then sat down on the edge of her bed and told me she was going to give me a spanking. I hadn't had a spanking in years, but I started to lay across her lap anyway.

Before I could though, she told me to take her things off. I tried to hide my hardening cock, but it was no use, and when I laid across her lap it was right between her legs. She started spanking me with her bare hand and even though I was crying and totally humiliated, I was secretly loving it!! And then the unthinkable happened. Laying there across her lap, with her hand swatting my bare bottom, my legs feeling her silky slip and nylons, her lace bra occasionally brushing against my back, and my hard cock also brushing her leg, I came!

I shot all over her leg and the floor. I was stunned, and apparently, so was she. She stopped swatting me and told me to go get a towel.

I got one from her bathroom and handed it to her. She wiped my cum from her leg, then handed the towel back and told me to clean up the floor. After I did she sent me to my room and she closed herself in her room for a little while. After about a half-hour I heard her door open and heard her walk down the hall and out of the house. She went back to work without saying another word to me.

All afternoon I had a totally sick feeling. I was scared to death she would tell dad, and was afraid of what would happen when they both got home from work. I got on my bike and contemplated running away, went to a friend's house instead, and fretted the rest of the day about what would happen. I finally went home at dinner time and slinked into the house, not knowing what to expect.

My dad wasn't a violent type, I didn't think he'd beat me up or anything, but he was really good at chewing my ass out when he was pissed, as was mom. I thought I'd get it from both sides, as well as from my sisters, who always loved to pile on whenever I got in trouble, but to my amazement, everyone acted like nothing had happened! Mom was nice, dad was normal, and my sisters weren't sneaking looks at me and giggling like they would if they knew mom had caught me.

Mom didn't tell anyone! But she did have a little talk with me later, told me it was understandable that a boy with three sisters would be curious about women's clothing, and that she knew I had been sneaking her things and my sisters things for a long time I was raised by auntie and uncle and first time auntie caught me in her one piece nylon swimsuit was before I can remember myself, but auntie has told later.

She thought is was the nylon feeling, that I liked so she bought me nylon Speedos. I tried on, all her clothes in different combination, and was very careful to put things back same place in same order. Also I loved her black patent leather stilettos, even they were too big to me. I had lost track of time. No place to hide, away from my one clothes, and seconds after auntie came in, and looked at me, up and down, starting to smile, and she said: From now on you're my "Pretty Boy", aren't you?

I was masturbating into a pair of my moms pantyhose while lying on my bed, the lovely nylon wrapped around my cock, my mom walked in through the door and i was so embarrassed i whipped the pantyhose behind my back so she wouldnt see them, of course this left my little hard cock exposed. She walked out of the room without saying anything but my Dad had "the talk" with me later so i knew she had spoken to him about me jacking off 94 months ago permalink.

Originally posted 94 months ago. Never been caught One time I felt alittle adventourous. I put on make-up, blonde wig, black lace bra, black bikini panty, black garter belt I am such a girly slut , black nylons, shear white blouse, black mini leather mini skirt and black knee high leather boots.. It was night so I just said to myself, here goes. I went out and walked all around in my appartment complex.

There were a few people out and about but at a short distance and I had a few looks but no encounters I dont know what I would do. After about 30 min. I went back to my house really excited. I did not want to stop there, I got into my car and drove a short distantce to the airport terminal.

I parked in the pick-up zone, ha.. Got a few looks, not many there, and went to lower level the back up. I was getting a little nervous so I went and got in my car. There was a soilder there waiting on a ride, He was still looking at me as I got in, I smiled and thru him a kiss, thought about picking him up but was to nervous to do so I think the first time was when my parents went away for the weekend.

They weren't expected back until Sunday evening, so I had the whole weekend to myself, or so I thought. Having previously arranged to do things with friends on Saturday evening, it wasn't until later that I was able to sneak into my mum's room. I slipped on a pair of her white silky panties, together with matching suspender belt and stockings. Oh my gosh - the feeling of the satin material caressing me all night long, every time I moved in bed.

My did I get the shock of my life when my mum walked into my bedroom at 11am the following morning! It had been pouring down with rain the whole time they'd been away and they'd cut their losses and come home.

I'd been up so late the night before, relishing the beauty in front of my eyes hehe , that I'd not heard them return. Picture the scene - me lying in bed under my duvet, my mum standing over me, chatting about her weekend, while her little boy is lying there dressed head to toe in her own satin and silk lingerie, attempting to hold a normal conversation. I don't think she ever guessed, but it was several days until I was able to return her lingerie 93 months ago permalink.

She told me to get out of it immediately. So I learned to be careful. But as things happen some times later I was caught again. I remember it was a Friday evening. She was very calm. But next morning she came to my room and gave me one of her longlegpantygirdles. It took some time to get into this tight and restrictive garment and to attach the stockings to the garters.

Caught pantyhose stories

Caught pantyhose stories

Caught pantyhose stories